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Setting the native units actually didn't do anything! it was very surprising. It just changed the DROs from MM to something like, micrometers.

Hey, I just got a Kx3, and I am trying to get it running right. Few questions:
1. To get it running in inch mode, I changed the units param in the xml file from 1 (the scales on the machine are in mm) to 0.0393700787 . Is this correct? it seems so.
2. I changed the sample rate from 25khz to 65khz, and it said that I would need to recalibrate etc. Is that a fact? how do I do that?
3. Is there a good "getting started with Mach" file? It seems that all the information is in the heads of the forum members.
4. What do I need to do to get Gibbscam or Mastercam talking to mach? Will the gcode just work? are there special things I have to do?
5. I am thinking of building a laser-line break tool offset detector. Have other people done this with success?
6. How do I default coolant flow to always be a manual param? I hate hitting a limit switch than having to deal with coolant spraying everywhere.

Oh, and one more thing. I am used to Bridgeports and other big open machnes. I have never worked with a semi-enlclosed one. I like to run a clean shop, but I have no idea how to clean a semi enclosed machine. What do I need?

Thanks, sorry for so many questions.

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