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 One step forward!
I managed to start the motors from mach3. With a step/dir to cw/ccw convertor made from this schematic.
But now when i try to go forward (let's say A+, but just one step in mach) the motors start's and do not stop, if i "press again"A+" the motor rotates faster, and so on...; the same thing happens in the reverse direction "A-". The good thing is the motor is running very smoothly.
Maybe i set something wrong in mach3 or the frequency is wrong.


See the attached. It should be what you are after.



I know this is an old topic but maybe it is someone that can help me. I need to convert Step and Direction signal to CW/CCW too but i don't understend this schematic (what ar thoes 2 cip's from the picture) :D

Thank you!!!

it gived me an idea how the parameter's work and how to imput them....

Long time since i worked on my little project. But i managet to get some documentation regarding the parameters for tamagawa au6550 servo drivers. The first doc contains parameter imput method and second one contains a list of parameters for the driver's working under juki pick and place machine.
Maybe someone can help me to find the right parameters for step and direction imput.

i need to figure this by guessing, maybe a similar servo driver can provide the parameter list

I  try to contact tamagawa several times but with no luck:(

I have 3 Tamagawa AU6550N2062 DRIVER ser. no. 20716 with 3 Tamagawa TBL-i series AC Servo Motor TS4513N1820E200 600W 200v S/NA14253, with all the cables. I attached the manual for them.
Need to set them so they can work with step/direction signal's from mach3.
I don't know exactly what i did wrong but the motor is turning half a revolution only in one direction and it's go offline.
I set the step to - forward pulse and the dir to - reverse pulse. The + forward pulse, + reverse pulse signal ar wired together to +5v com pin to the breakout board (c23 multifunctional board from cnc4pc). Maybe i need to set some parameters in the driver, but i don't have the paramater table for it(tha manual only mention about parameter's ???).


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