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You may be seeing noise. You can try increasing the debounce setting in General Config. Try 2000-3000.

Also, try homing at a lower speed.

I checked the settings on the machine and there are 2 fields - "Debounce Interval" and "Index Debounce" both with a value of 10.

What value in which field???


General Mach Discussion / Homing and move off of switches.......?
« on: May 15, 2010, 12:28:27 PM »
Hi folks,

Quick question. The issue may or may not be with Mach3. (version download / installed May 2010 running in WinXP SP2).

When I press the Ref All button, all 3 axis move to their respective home position and move off the switch a small amount. The Z axis moves enough to reverse state of the M3Home switch (LED is off on the diagnostics screen). The X and Y LED's are still active even though a slight move occurred off the limit switch. If I jog further in both X & Y the LED's will change state. Soft Limits is engaged and working.

I will say that the distance moved off the switch in Z is greater than the distance moved off the X & Y switches.

Everything else in Mach3 seems to work regardless of this issue, just something that bothers me. Is there a setting that I / OEM missed to setup?

Any thoughts or suggestions.


Hello All,

My name is John, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Another newbie to the form and to CNC. At 50 I've decided to start a second career in CNC and Machining. I've just finished my first of two years at Seneca College, Tool Design program. I have a Novakon NM200 machine; a good starter machine. My interests are primarily in Motorsports and in particular motorcycle racing (raced for 14 years earlier in life). I was always making parts on manual V/mill and lathe and enjoyed the satisfaction... cheaper, stronger, better......

With so many things being new and a fairly steep learning curve, I've had the normal teething problems getting going, but I am making forward progress...  ;)

Cheers and happy chips

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