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I think the easiest solution is as both Tony and Terry have suggested in their posts above. You can get reliable delays from a few uS upwards by using a non-existent axis in this way.
True, and that's exactly what I ended up doing: used my [non-existent] A-axis, the motor of which I tuned to be the equivalent of 1 inch = 1 second.

Now, I'll disappoint everyone here and reveal the utterly useless (but fun) purpose of this whole endeavor (turn your speakers on): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq4VLwLFXaE&t=11s

In the main menu, Config > Homing/Limits > tick the check box for Z in the "Reversed" (first) column

Press TAB and a jog window appears to the right.

I'm glad it worked out for you. If the triggers don't do anything, then your "slow jog speed" is probably at 100% and there's nothing to "boost". Essentially, those triggers are the equivalent of the SHIFT key used while jogging with the keyboard.

30 ipm vs 100 ipm is way too slow but you can still try to do a calibration of the XBOX controller. Go to Windows START > Control Panel > Game Controllers

Not the shoulder buttons but the rather the triggers need to be depressed for maximum jog speed. Alternatively, you can just set the "slow jog speed" to 100% from within the Mach3's jogging tab.

PM your address and I'll give you mine in exchange for trying your best. No need for a fancy full-fledged driver and all the headache that comes with it. But you do need a little reverse engineering while hooked up to the XBOX. I don't have an XBOX.

     After successfully using the XBOX360 controller with Mach3, I found out about the ChatPad  attachment (pictured below) and immediately purchased one for < $15. Having a mini keyboard for manual G-Code entry and other functionality is priceless. But then I find out that drivers DO NOT EXIST for Windows  :o thus limiting the ChatPad to the game console only.

     I searched the 'net and there are several forums where people are trying to get together and have a driver written but nothing happened so far. I was wondering if someone on this forums is willing to look into the issue because this controller is probably the best / cheapest "pendant" solution for Mach3 and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this little keyboard. By the way, the keys even have backlighting!  ;D

Let's face it, most machinists' knowledge is:

1. Number one, aka first, aka main, aka primary: machine tools
2. Number two, aka secondary: computers and software
Starting with Art. With all due respect - honest.   

There it is! Exactly what I was talking about! Commission is due!

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