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General Mach Discussion / Lost mach settings
« on: August 18, 2012, 08:14:48 AM »
Just seem to have lost all my general setting for mach3 turn. Now coming up with a 'Quantum' loading screen. I've tried to load a new screen, using 1024.iset, and the simpleturn and turnblue, but the programme crashes every time.

Does anyone have any ideas??

Hi all,
I'm sort of new to the forum and have been playing with Mach for about 2 months.
I' get hold of a Denford Easiturn 3 lathe last year and initially converted using a Conquerer M401  board and the proprietary EaziCNC software. It worked OK but I had a few ongoing issues with Threading and was finding the facilities on the card a little limiting.
Recently bought a C23 Dual Port B.O.B from CNC4PC and am now using this with Mach3.
The learning curve is a little steep but the lathe is now much more responsive and the combination of the BOB with Mach 3.
Having some fun with screw cutting and also with taper turning- much easier than manually!!

Have got one little issue though which I can't quite get my head around.

Having set up some turning - using the wizard, the feed rate seems to be 'variable'.....
I've been in and edited it  - but despite having a feedrate shown in the G-code at F0.03, the feed rate seems to be stuck at about 0.01 ish, until that is about half way through when the feed rate suddenly jumps up to the F0.03 rate!! There is no 'F' anywhere near this point but it seems to be at a consistent position in the programme.
Any ideas would be very welcome!


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