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> It's rearing the (O2 - cut out clear area for bolt head, x- y+) as if it was another O2 put a ";" as below or delete the line
> ;(O2 - cut out clear area for bolt head, x- y+)

Thanks, Chip.  Removing the parenthesized line does fix the problem, but of course a comment line *should* be completely ignored by the parser.  Are there other known problems in the way comments are handled?

I have a program with the line "M98 P2 L2".  It should call subroutine O2, two times. However, it calls the subroutine 4 times.  Has anyone every seen this?  I originally had "M98 P2 L12" - I stopped the program after the subroutine was called 17 times.  I then changed the L word to L2 to see what would happen and now it calls 4 times.  I upgraded to the latest stable version, R3.042.032, but no change in behavior.  I am running Win XP and the machine is an IH CNC mill.  Here's the whole program:

G0 Z5
G0 x-24 y9.24
g0 z0
M98 P2 L2
g0 z5
(O1 - drill bolt hole)
G0 Z1
G1 Z-24
G0 Z5
(O2 - cut out clear area for bolt head, x- y+)
g1 z-1
G0 x-24 y9.24
g1 x-9.24
g1 y24
g1 x-14.24
g1 y14.24
g1 x-24
g1 y19.24
g1 x-19.24
g1 y24
g1 x-21
g1 y21
g1 x-24
g0 y9.24

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