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French / Re: manuel Mach3Mill en fran├žais
« on: January 12, 2014, 08:07:54 PM »

Va sur le site de Artsoft et dans 'manual' tu trouveras le manuel en fran├žais que tu recherche.

Au plaisir

Hi everybody, my name is Real Dionne, I live in Quebec city. Before continuing, I ask you to forget some mistake I can do in english writting. My first language is french. I will like to post some news sometime. You can call me the old man, I reach 69. I still working (3 days a week). I am a senior
construction technician. I work with ordinator since 1987. For hobby, I like to build furniture. I can work wood, metal, I make a shop in my garage and I have all the tools I need to  make furniture.
Since I registered in the forum. I built a CNC gantry model D: 48''x36''. I finish to built it. But I didn't try It yet because I loohing for mistakes. I keep reading Mach3 manual and I want to understand Lazycam the good way. Since yesterday I check my E-stop, everything work good for that switch. I have 6 Limits switch and put all of them on pin 10, but when I check one by one with a multimeter and push one switch it stil have juice. I will try to separate them on different pin.
Anyway I will give you more news soon and few photo of my machine. I dream about the day that everything will be fine withe the
machine. I keep reading all the post, it take time but very helpfull.
Before living, I think there will be a go idea if we can know if some member live not so far from us. That way we should be able to exchange experience and help more.
If you have some question about building the CNC model D, (I use MDF and it very easy to work with without problems).
Thanks for help with the forum. I give you my email: real.dionne@ sympatico.ca

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