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Chris... that is just wrong.
If someone cant take your opinion, they are weak.


"ons stuur die manne oor,  en breuk sy fingers"
translation "We go over and ask him to stop harassing you,  in a nice way"

General Mach Discussion / Stepper Reference Spreadsheet
« on: September 30, 2009, 06:17:14 AM »
Just out of interest
i started collecting all the information the keiling site stepper motors on one spreadsheet.
I will try and add as many sites as possible,  not exactly plain sailing. I have to open every spec sheet and read the details on it.
If anyone wants to help enter data for people to compare drives.. Msg me, i will add you to the editors list.  The last column i added what i could find on support for which drivers.
The first column is colour coded according to price.  Green is under 100usd.  then above 500 is blood red.

Still wondering on how to add info about which machines these steppers are most suited for.  Ie,  a mini mill or joe's 2006 or whatnot. 

btw,  this is not a Keling Technology advert,  its just the first sit i started with.

where i did not see the information stated explicitly, i left it blank.

believe it because it is troo :)


i am showing my wife and kids and yeah,  my boy wants to know why i am not getting him one.

will mach3 work with that ?

With what? mach can run just about any machine.

sorry, my post scrolled up a bit.

would mach3 work with this guys' driver?

will mach3 work with that ?

Rich,  if you say it like that... i just dont have a choice now.

I mean, i have to be some special kind of loser if i cant pull this off.... nothing like a bit of pressure to get my stuff together.

Thanx rich,  that is exactly the kind of push i needed to get started.

I saw this a while back

if you look at hte PC board he made.. I priced the components to be about 30dollars, then i need stepper motors and power supply.

Thank you Ge21


I understand that i need to have an objective and buy according to my needs.... but regardless if I knew exactly what i wanted to do, i would not be able to rate these machines

Say i got a plan like this one http://solsylva.com/cnc/25x25.shtml,  and i plan to do hard wood what would you guys suggest? perhaps also the routers.

now,  just to gage my understanding.. say i went with a smaller table http://solsylva.com/cnc/13x13x5.shtml ,  and i was going to do mdf at most,  and mostly waxy type stuff for molds.. which kit would you suggest?

I feel like a kid in a candy shop,  except each one of these candies will taste different depending on the candy i eat it with and what my plans are for future candy purchases... but my feeling is i just want to get one that works and not set me back a huge amount because this is in the learning phase.

I THANK each one who has helped me so far... and some of the stuff i have seen online make me want to change careers... but i bet everyone else's stuff seem fun,  until it becomes a job.  Currently this is a hobby/learning experience

I want to build something i can test/train myself on.  I want to use mach3 and a testing machine to mill out some wood or plastic or even foam.

I will have a look later on more commercial type machines, once i understand the process and the pitfalls.

Hi all, 

I am considering buying the boxed xylotec set with 269 stepper motors.

I keep on stumbling accross threads on various forums complaining about xylotec and mach3 working together.

I want to buy a complete kit and dont have an incling of  electronic knowledge in me,  i know people who do though.  I know alot about PCs and software and dont want to make a mistake.

if not xylotex.. which other complete kit do you guys are artsoft suggest?

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