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OK I did try it, I can get no machine movement, and the computer keeps crashing...

 My screen was already at 1024x768 as you suggested it could be. I switched to yet another PC and that seems to have fixed the font problem. Now I feel safe to actually hook up my machine to it and give it a try.... Wish me luck- Thanks, Victor

 Thanks for the reply, but I just tried what you suggested on my windows font and it was already set to normal- problem persists... Victor

Hello all-
 I connected my other computer and installed Mach 3 on it. I do not have my machine connected to the computer yet. I think it's mostly OK but when I load gcode it comes up in the window in a way that the font looks too tall and the bottoms of all the characters are cut off. I went to function config's, fonts, and found all were at 18pt Arial. I reset most of them to 12pt, and the problem returned as soon as I reloaded my gcode. They were the same (wrong) size. I went back to fonts, and they were all at 18pt Arial again. I tried this again with rebooting the whole system and the same problem occurred... Any suggestions?  Thanks, Victor

Ok I'm putting my .xml here..

OK thanks guys I'll try to save the .xml file and post it here with my laptop. Meanwhile I'm gonna try to get my other computer ready, it's a P4, the old one is an AMD64... a leftover from the dorm rooms at OU Athens. I've never been completely satisfied with it anyway...

BR549: why turn off watchdog? I got the watchdog message thing before I uninstalled/reinstalled Mach3, but now I don't see  it...
HOOD: How do I send (what is) xml? Where will I find it?
ALCWELL: How would I tell whether the beep causes this?... I'm too busy trying to stop the machine from destroying things when this happens... I don't even have speakers, so how does it beep?... I have always used comment lines before with no beeping... I have my computer optimized as best I know how...

 I did get the driver watchdog saying the pulse rate was too high before uninstalling/reinstalling Mach 3. Have not seen that since but still get the beep and bad move sometimes. Of course it's  completely unpredictable...

 I have been using Mach 3 on my older Supermax YCM-30 knee with a desktop PC mill for a while, mostly it has worked well. Lately, I hear a beep just as the machine makes an errant move. No beep, move will be OK... I uninstalled/reinstalled Mach 3, same problem.. I can shut it all down, and the next day it's like nothing ever happened. Anyone have an idea?

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