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Perhaps someone else can confirm this...

I was able to get able to get a my plugin (compiled on Vista x64 with Ed's VS2008 Wizard) working on a "clean" XP system (i.e. no development tools), but the compiled plugin MUST be a "release build".

A "debug build" produces the error messages I described in a previous post.

Fantastic job Ed... Thank you!

I've been struggling with a new plugin using the SDK - finding your Wizard and videos is helping a LOT.

One issue so far...
My development system is VS2008 on Vista x64, I can compile and load new plugins as you've shown in the videos; however, I'm having issues loading GCode files under Vista (not really an issue with the Wizard or your code).

As a workaround to the GCode loading issue, I've been using an XP virtual machine. I was able to compile the SDK examples, register them on the XP image, and load them; however, with the Plugins genereated via the Wizard, I am getting two error message boxes when they

The first, "[Mach 4] Plugin DLL defective. Reload."
Followed by, "[Mach 4] XYZTutor.dll - Defective Plugin Found..ignoreing.."

I'm thinking it might have something to do with the compile under x64 vs. x86. My first guess was that I was missing the "framework", but the problem remained after I installed Framework 3.5 on the virtual machine.

Any ideas?

Thanks again for a great contribution,
Benjamin Liedblad

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