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The guitar body was modeled in AutoCad & Vectric Cut3D CAM software was used to create gcode.

Very cool Rich,

I have a good friend who also makes custom acoustic guitars .. very 'jig & hand work' oriented stuff.  Then on the other hand he does almost entirely 1-off pieces so no real need for CNC.
My son is still at it with the electrics & has recently made a pair using 'African Limba' or what is also called 'Korina' on the bodies.

Martin's are some of the best you can get .. but a whole different animal from the electrics.
I would imagine you can get some CNC work-holding ideas from them ..
My guess is they utilize CNC equipment very effectively.

As a matter of fact my son Joel who is the builder of all these guitars is also a lefty ..
But things being as they are (mainly cost & availability) he plays & builds right handed guitars.

Sorry for the delay, been sidetracked & haven't visited the forum for a while ..

All finishes are Nitro Lacquer ..



I'm humbled to read that I've been an inspiration to others with my 'over-the-top' mill conversion! 
I'm just a guy who can't leave things alone once I get started tinkering with them.
Anyway, very nice looking work on the lathe & I really like your take on the chip pan for the mill ..
I've discovered that once wet, chips do tend to stick so I've plumbed a wash down hose to clean up after I finish a job.
Your chip pan would be absolutely PERFECT for that kind of application .. keep up the good work!


Thanks much!

Here's a couple of the newest variations on a single cutaway model that was added to the lineup ..

General Mach Discussion / Re: Tool Change Offset issues
« on: December 20, 2011, 06:29:09 PM »
Oh I guess I ought to mention, I also completely uninstalled mach & the smooth stepper drivers from the hard drive .. & reinstalled & re-setup everything.  You can imagine my disappointment when I tried an offset & saw the same results.  That's when I thought might as well check calibration just to be sure & found the GLARING miss-calibration on the Z axis ..

General Mach Discussion / Re: Tool Change Offset issues
« on: December 20, 2011, 06:23:26 PM »
First of all thank you for your prompt reply Hood.
I tried to reply with the files you asked for but everything froze on me & I couldn't even log back onto the forum once I got out of that.
Anyway .. it looks like the problem is handled .. not going to say for positively, absolutely, without a doubt, handled .. but I found something that certainly changed the situation.
Hard to believe but I hadn't checked my axis calibration since installing the smooth stepper and I'm embarrassed to say my Z axis was off by a MILE!
X & Y were very close, but Z was out by .25+ ... I'm amazed I've been able to make anything with it like that & I can't say how long it's been like that, but once I re-calibrated it tool offset is working.
I had a thought in the back of my mind because like mentioned, when I would do the math, everything was adding up but the tool wasn't touching the part ..
Anyway, chalk another one up to the CNC / Mach3 'Learning Curve!'
Thanks again

General Mach Discussion / Tool Change Offset issues
« on: December 20, 2011, 01:17:09 PM »
I'm using R3.048.053 with a SmoothStepper and TTS tooling and I'm having a difficult time getting the tool change offsets to work properly.

I set up my ref tool (TTS Dial indicator) as tool 1 and add several other various tools all carefully measured using the Tormach system.

After referencing tool 1 to the top surface of the part, re-zeroing Z, then pushing START.  It will call for tool 2, I change to tool 2 & hit start again. As tool 2 moves down to the part it stops at .257 above the surface and begins executing the cut.  It's not ramping to the cut depth here .. its executing the entire pocket or profile but cutting nothing but air.

I have tried several things to discover where the problem lies as follows:
Homing the machine & making sure Work Coords = Machine Coords before referencing Tool 1 to the part.
Double checking that I don't have any offset parameters set in G54.

I can also reproduce this by implementing tools changes manually as follows:
From the Program Run screen - manually entering tool numbers into the Tool DRO.  (I know that's not the proper way to do it, but it's the way Tormach shows to on their video)
From the Offsets screen - manually entering tool numbers into the Tool Dro.
From MDI - typing t1m6 (enter) then g43h1 (enter) .. or whatever tool number I'm calling for.
In all cases the correct offsets show up in the H dro, but all of the above give the exact same results Z0 = (Z0+.257)

It doesn't matter what tool# is called for .. they all stop short of the surface of the part even if I call for Z0 from MDI.
I've checked & re-checked that I'm measuring the Ref Tool & all others correctly.
When comparing Work Coord to Machine Coord the math adds up when taking tool length offset into account.

I'm stumped & need to get this resolved.  I suppose I could uninstall everything and start over with Mach & the smoothstepper software, but I'd rather not have to go there if it's something I'm missing or doing wrong.

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