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PoKeys / Re: External LEDs to Indicate MPG1 Axis
« on: February 05, 2011, 03:47:48 PM »
I interpreted your advice as follows:

Macropump code:
    MPGXLED = GetOEMLED(59)      ‘MPG drives X Axis LED
Brain code
    OEMLED:1501 --- No-Operation --- Output 1
Ports and Pins > Output Signals
    Output #1    Enabled     Port 10     Pin Number 25     Active Low
    Pin 25 digital output
The LED does not work.

I believe the problem is in the macropump and I have spent several hours experimenting with just the X Axis.
If I programme the macropump as:
    MPGXLED = OEMLED(59)                    ‘MPG drives X Axis LED
    Set OEMDRO(800,MPGXLED)              ‘The X Axis DRO
The result is a 0 or -1 depending on whether the MPG drives X Axis LED is Off or On
This surprised me as I thought the Mach3 screen LEDs would output a binary 0 or 1.

I then wrote the following macropump test code:
    MPGXLED = GetOEMLED(59)      ‘MPG drives X Axis LED
    SetUserLED(1501, MPGXLED)      ‘Load User LED
    Var = GetUserLED(1501)      ’Read User LED
    SetOEMDRO(800,var)         ‘The X Axis DRO
The X Axis DRO stopped showing the digital value of the LED.
I then inserted logic to change the -1 to +1 and the X Axis DRO started working

I then rewrote my macro pump code as follows:

    MPGXLED = GetOEMLED(59)      ‘MPG drives X Axis LED
    If MPGXLED = -1 THEN
        MPGXLED = 1
    End If
The PoKeys LED started working correctly. Eureka!

I was also able to configure the PoKeys Plug-In and map pin 25 directly as follows:

    MPGXLED = GetOEMLED(59)      ‘MPG drives X Axis LED
    If MPGXLED = -1 THEN
        MPGXLED = 1
    End If
    SetUserLED(2024,MPGXLED)      ‘Direct pin 25 mapping.
The Po-Keys LED continued to work and indicated correctly after I inverted pin 25 in PoKeys.

It was a simple matter to duplicate the code for MPG drives Y Axis LED and the Z  Axis LED.

For someone who had not heard of the exciting world of macropumps or brains before, this forum topic has been an interesting and challenging learning experience.

Why does Mach 3 use 0 and -1 for its LED logic?

PoKeys / Re: External LEDs to Indicate MPG1 Axis
« on: January 31, 2011, 04:59:56 PM »
I have inserted the following macropump:
I have enabled the macropump in General Config and restarted Mach 3
I altered my brain input to OEMLED 2101 but the PoKeys LED stopped functioning (Couldn't see how to select a brain input of ULED 2101)

I have also tried SetUserLED(2023, MPGXLED) in the macropump to map directly to PoKeys, and altered the PoKeys Config Plugin to map this pin range. Still no LED activity.

PoKeys / External LEDs to Indicate MPG1 Axis
« on: January 30, 2011, 03:01:14 PM »
I wish to have 3 LEDs to indicate the axis driven by MPG1
I have set up the Mach3 Ports & Pins Outputs 1/2/3 to Port 10 and the PoKeys pin numbers 23/24/25 which have the LEDs
I have tested the PoKeys interface using a brain input of MPG JOG (OEMLED 57) and a brain output of Output 1. The LED on pin 23 goes on and off correctly in sync with the screen LED.

How do I input the 'MPG 1 Drives X Axis', 'MPG 1 Drives Y Axis', and 'MPG 1 Drives Z Axis' LEDs into the Brain as the OEM numbers 59/60/61 do not appear on the drop down menu?

Any help would be appreciated.

PoKeys / Re: Configuration Incorrect
« on: January 22, 2011, 06:35:45 PM »
Thanks Boris for advice.
My CNC computer is not connected to web and required Windows XP Service pack 2 and NET framework 3.0 to be installed.
Problem cured

PoKeys / Configuration Incorrect
« on: January 15, 2011, 03:45:11 PM »
I have just connected a new Pokeys 55 to my CNC laptop which runs Mach3 and Smooth Stepper with Windows XP. The Set Up file: PoKeys55_SetUp v2.1.17 installs OK, but when I click on the PoKeys screen icon I get the message: "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect".

I tried installing the PoKeys on my home computer and was able to configure it OK. I then plugged it into the CNC laptop and standard hotkeys were emulated correctly.

I have reinstalled the software and reset the PoKeys as described in the manual, but the same message appears.
It is the same whether the PoKeys USB is plugged in or disconnected.
Any ideas as to why the configuration software fails to start on my CNC laptop?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Best Manual Movement Controls?
« on: August 05, 2009, 05:40:36 PM »
Thanks Hood,
In multi step mode can you single step easily when final positioning such as for edge finding?
Does your wheel spin freely or does it have a tactile click at each step?

General Mach Discussion / Best Manual Movement Controls?
« on: August 05, 2009, 04:24:40 PM »
I am new to CNC machining and have just fitted stepper motors to my Myford VM-B manual Mill and got it to work with Mach3. I take my hat off to the guys who designed and published that software.
I wish to make an interface for manual movement/jogging in 3 axes.
The options I have considered are:
1.    Three sets of Plus and Minus buttons for each axis arranged in a pattern similar to keyboard cursor keys. (Similar to the Mach3 screen jog buttons)
2.    Three single axis joy sticks that would output pulses to Mach3 at a rate proportional to stick deflection
3.    One 2-axis joy stick for X-Y and a single axis joystick for Z that would output pulses at a rate proportional to stick deflection.
4.    Three single axis spin wheels mounted vertically that could output pulses at a rate proportional to speed of wheel rotation.
5.    In conjunction with options 2, 3 and 4 would plus and minus buttons either side of each stick or wheel be useful for final precise single stepping to a position?
6.    Would it be better to mount the Z axis control away from the others on the side of the column near to the existing Z manual handle?
Please could anyone advise from practical experience the pros and cons of these types of controls and any other types of control that might be superior?

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