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Most JoyPad Game controllers has a Mode button to switch between POV (4 way rocker) and left joystick - and sometimes a LED to indicate selected mode.

On my older USB JoyPad, I use this button to switch x and y movements from POV (point of view) to left joystick, maybe it is the same for the Logitech 710.

I only have the old USS plugin - maybe someone else in the forum can answer.

I am very pleased to hear that the problems with ESS are resolved with the latest PlugIn!
The CNC machine is also a kind of toy, just for adults only...  ;D

In a previous post, I explained why I did not think that a .zip file on the site, DropBox or similar solution is a good idea.

The construction of a new web server with web site has taken longer than expected and has been interrupted by other tasks.
Summer semester is a time for me, where I'm more outdoors and working with many of my other volunteer projects, so work on the website took a break. There is only so much time...
I would like the website to run again, as I also plan to use it for my other projects  :)

In the down period, there have been only two inquiries and donations, which I interpreted as falling interest in my JoyPad PlugIn after Mach4 has been released. I could of course be wrong...  :-\

Hope it explained a little about what has happened.

If you can not wait for the website, send me a PM with your email (or donate), and I'll send you the latest version of JoyPad PlugIn.

- Joakim

Thank you for your support. It is really appreciated!

Thank you for your support  :) It is really appreciated!

Dropbox or similar file sharing does not provide the ability to present the JoyPad plugin and associated documentation in a good way.
It will also remove the possibility of donations and support for further development.

I'm working on a new home page, but it's volunteer work and therefore takes time. Be patient.

If you have enjoyed JoyPad plugin and would like to support, it can be done at http://joakim.dk - thanks  ;)

Thank you for your commitment, I really appreciate it!  :)

I think your problem maybe a calibration issue in Windows 10 of the joysticks.
The major fix from version 2.0 to 2.1 is when using Ethernet SmootStepper, if you are using another motion controller, version 2.0 will work just fine.

I will make an announcement here in the forum when (if) the download page comes up again.


Due to hacking (again!) my JoyPad PlugIn download site is down  >:(

I restored the backup, but it got hacked again a few hours later...

To get it running again, I have to rebuild the site on a clean web server, but
  • There has only been one successful donation during the past couple of years
  • This is a spare time project, no founding except donations
  • It takes time to rebuild and maintain the site
  • Bandwidth, domain and static IP are all expenses
  • I want to keep the plugin free and without adds

Should I rebuild the site and why?


A complete matrix would be very large and difficult to navigate (there is a limit to how big a script file can be).
Better to just write the parts you need...

It would be something like this:

Code: [Select]
If SR And Button = PW Then ' SR and PW activated
  If SL Then ' SL activated
    '========Go to Home======
    Message ""Let's go to zero on the machine coordinates""
    DoOEMButton (138)
  Else ' SL not activated
    '======Ref All step by step=====
    Message "Ref All step by step"
    DoButton( 24 )
    DoButton( 23 )
    DoButton( 22 )
    DoButton( 25 )
  End If
End If

SR and PW has to be activated in both cases, but if SL is also activated, zero machine coordinates else ref all...
(Indentation helps understand what is going on in the code  ;) )

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