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I'll check this in a little while

I bought a complete kit from Candcnc.com

I have stepper motors, they don't make any noise
just stop moving, but do stayed locked (don't free wheel)
there is led's on a breakout board, they blink only about 1 a sec and do keep blinking
even when the motor isn't moving

General Mach Discussion / y/a axis motors intermittently stop working
« on: July 23, 2009, 10:50:40 PM »
Hi, everything is up and running good so far but.......
We keep having an issue where one of the y/a axis motors intermittently stop working
We have the Bladerunner/Dragoncut II plasma unit w/ mach 3

Before we hooked up the plasma it happened so we're ruling out plasma interference
we've switched a/y motors at the driver box so we're ruling out faulty wiring/motor between the box and motor
 the gantry moves freely, but we removed the motors to rule out jambing
They're are the 600oz hybrid motors settings :850 steps 100-300vel. 4-15acc. (min-max adjustments on velocity and acceleration) 24,000 hz
we've checked the cables from the ecm to the unit
we're using a 2001 dell home tower, 1.8ghz (23857 ghz time int. runs between 6-10) power turned on always, no screen saver or power savers, no internet

we started cutting basic 1" right angle cuts without an issue for 10 cuts, then the one motor stopped turning (dropped the acceleration)
worked great for awhile, ran a program with a square in a triangle in a circle without the plasma worked fine
jogged the motor back and for then it acted up again
dropped the acc. and vel. back down 4 and 100, worked fine
brought it back up to 15 and 300 slowly in small increments, acted up just jogging back and forth
put the motors on the table without the gantry and still have problems back and forth
tried jiggling all the cables and checking connections while running and still issues

Just as a side note
I do have the a slaved to the y axis
both are tuned Identical
I have rebooted the computer several times

any ideas
thank you

Bruce 610-570-4711

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