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My name is Jose and I am electronics engineer. Some time ago (actually over 2 years now) I decided to build my cnc router and work with Mach, actually I have used the demo version but only to move my motors. Anyway, like more than a few people it took me more time than I wanted since work and family take most of my time, but finally or almost finally I have all the parts made (I made my own design), all the motors and electronics I need and I am confident that in a matter of weeks I will have it up and running. The only thing left is to buy the Mach license but that is the easy part, probably I will have some trouble setting up and tuning the motors but that is why we all are here for, Right?

Thanks for reading this and I'll ask for help soon!


General Mach Discussion / Mach3 as a BTR
« on: June 30, 2009, 03:22:35 PM »
Hello I am new here and what I am looking for is:

Can I use Mach3 as a BTR emulator? The thing is, I have a Mori Seiki with Fanuc 5T. It is working great now except the fact that I need to key in the whole program. A different program functions as a BTR emulator, just sending the program via parallel port. Can this be done with Mach3? All my servos, spindle and everyting else works allright. Has anyone tried this? I guess I need parallel port pin config.


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