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Basically you attach 5v from a bob to the plate and the router bit is grounded.
When it touches the  plate, it accounts for the thickness of the plate and sets a zero for the work surface.  I know technically that doesn't tell you much but that is basically how it works. I have been starting it using the mouse and clicking on the start arrow. 
I know your busy, if its not something simply don't spend allot  of time on it. Just though
it might be something simple I was overlooking. Thanks again for the reply.

Thanks for responding. No, I finally got it working. It turned out to be a preset option on the controller that disables all the buttons when active. I disabled it and everything is working.
There is one thing you may be able to help me with. I have optioned all the buttons but I cant figure out how to option the controller to work the z axis touch probe. Any advice on how to get it working would be greatly appreciated.


Wondering if I could get some help installing an Xbox360 wireless controller to run
Mach3 on an XP computer.
I have installed the Microsoft software that came with the controller. Plugged the
receiver into the back of the  pc. The controller appears to have linked up to the
receiver since the green light in the upper left quadrant is on. Xbox 360 appears in
config plugins in Mach. It has been activated and I went into config and selected the options for the controls. The vendor ID and product ID are populated. I restarted the pc and opened Mach3 but the controls will not move any axis. 
Went into device manager and found Xbox360 peripherals and confirmed the driver
was loaded and the device shows as working correctly.
Checked Human interface Devices and per a trouble shooting document it should have
two files,  a USB human interface device and  HID-compliant game controller.
The HID-compliant game controller is missing which could be the problem but
not sure  how to install it.  Should it have been loaded with the software load or does it get installed some other way?

Thanks for any help

Video P*r*o*b*i*n*g / Re: Z Axis Touch Problem
« on: August 26, 2013, 12:51:04 PM »
Thanks for the help, I will dig around and see what I can find.

Video P*r*o*b*i*n*g / Re: Z Axis Touch Problem
« on: August 26, 2013, 08:37:59 AM »
Went down and checked it this morning and it no longer plunges down. When I select the Z touch button it starts as it normally would and then stops without contacting the touch pad and raises one inch.

Video P*r*o*b*i*n*g / Re: Z Axis Touch Problem
« on: August 26, 2013, 07:59:58 AM »
Thanks for the response. How do you go about filtering out the noise?

Video P*r*o*b*i*n*g / Z Axis Touch Problem
« on: August 25, 2013, 06:34:48 PM »
  Need some help with a problem on the auto tool zero for the Z axis. I have had it working for over a year and a half on Mach Blue V3.2 , but today it quit on me. It worked correctly for a couple of times this morning and them seemed to loose its mind. Now when I select the Z axis touch button, it starts down slowly and moves for about a quarter of an inch, set for 2 inch max, stops then rapids further down for apx another quarter of an inch and then moves up to 1.25 and indicates in the message box that the axis has been zeroed. This all happens without it touching the touch pad. If I manually touch the tool with the pad, it recognizes the pad and again rapids further down and then back to 1.25.
  The only thing I have done different today was to calibrate the Z axis using the Set Steps Per Unit feature in the Settings Menu which I have used in the past without any problem. I had a hard copy of the script file which I used to compare with the file in the computer and everything appears ok.
Tried rebooting several times, but it didn’t help.
I would really appreciate any suggestions as to where to start to isolate the problem.

Thanks in advance.

General Mach Discussion / New Table
« on: November 27, 2011, 04:47:12 PM »
I have a couple of problems setting up a router table and was wondering if someone could lend a hand.
   First, I am having a problem with the homing function. When the Home All is selected the Z and Y axis home and back off the switch correctly, but the X axis hits the switch and don’t back off. If you try and back it off manually, it brings in a limit switch alarm. Once it is reset, you can back it off the switch.
   The second problem is a jerky cut when cutting circles and ovals almost as if it is cutting short straight lines and stopping at the end of each one. On the general configuration page, I have the Motion Mode set for constant velocity, Distance Mode for Absolute and the IJ Mode for Absolute. None of the CV Control options are checked.
Not sure what other options would cause this. I tried manually imputing a G64 command in the file, but it didn’t change anything.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Rotary Axis Help
« on: January 11, 2010, 09:36:54 AM »
The 4th axis is the spindle and is driven by a stepper. I found the problem, it was with the post processor. Although the processor I had loaded indicated it was Y-A, it was actually doing an X-A conversion so the A wasnt being coded to move. Once corrected it is now working. I cut some pieces over the weekend and although it still needs some tweeking it cut the parts accurately and didnt break anything, success!  I will definately keep my eye open for your finished instruction on this process.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Rotary Axis Help
« on: January 09, 2010, 09:37:31 AM »
Thanks for the info on the settings. I am going to write it in the manual for future reference. I think I need to check the second option, sounds like it will speed up the cuts.
I didnt enter the info in the rotational radius correctly, so I will go back and enter it. I finally got the lathe working correctly last night. I had issues with the post processor in the cam program. It said it was a Y-A conversion, but it actually was doing an X-A conversion. Once that was corrected I ran several programs doing air cuts and it seemed to be working correctly. I guess the true test will come today when I actually cut something.
I really appreciate the help. I spent the better part of a week looking for basic information on line and although I found alot of information, most was well beyond the basics. I would like to see your write up when it is finished, its something needed for us beginners.

Thanks Again,

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