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Thanks...!  Jog Control was indeed eliminated.  Such a simple fix for something that vexed me so greatly...! 

Thanks again...!

Now that I have a bit of time under my belt with Mach3 I made the decision to employ a Logitech Dual Action Game Controller and was successful with mapping the controller with the functionality desired using KeyGrabber.  That's the good part...!  Emboldened... I began to play with MachScreen to simplify the 1024 Page 1 screen.  So... I created my simplified screen by heavily modifying Page 1 of the 1024 screenset.  This was also a success on first blush... the screen worked well however... when I attempted to employ the game controllers D-pad which I have mapped to the keyboards Left,Right, Up & Down arrow keys and buttons 4 & 2, which I have mapped to the keyboards Page Up & Page Down keys... they are non-functioning.  Even the keyboard's Left,Right, Up & Down arrow keys and Page Up & Page Down keys do not work...!  Everything else works fine on the keyboard & game controller. 

Going back to the standard 1024 screenset re-enables the keyboard's & game controllers FULL functionality.  So here's the question... it is obvious that SOMETHING having to do with the keyboard's Left,Right, Up & Down arrow keys and Page Up & Page Down keys has NOT been carried into my modified simplified Page 1 screen.  After several frustrating hours attempting to suss out a remedy... I've no idea how to go about troubleshooting this.

I hope I've given sufficient info on the problem... ANY ideas what I might do to reenable these nonfunctioning keys and get them back to working on my simplified screen...???


Thanks for the additional attemts to correct my issues but still NO JOY. The JoyPad MP3 file installed and showed up in the config menu... but running JoyPad Setup.exe gave me an Application Error popup window saying the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.

As much as I'd like to get this to work I've exhausted my limited computer smarts and do not wish to impose this lack of cerebral ability any further on you both  I do want to thank for the effort. Much appreciated!

Steve (BOOMER52)

I've been attempting to install this new USB plugin without success.  Here's my experience and quandry...

I had problems (not related to the app) right from the start.  I extracted the three files from the .rar download but couldn't get the PDF manual to open.  That took several hours and a couple PM's to resolve... turns out I had a corrupted Adobe Reader and a reinstall solved that issue.

First let me point out that I have two Dell Pentium 4 PC's running Windows XP... one is my design PC and the other is dedicated as a controller.  I only run Mach3 on this one and it isn't internet connected! Now that I was able read and follow the Manual install instructions I was informed that the computer required Windows Installer 1 and something called dotnetfx 3.5.  I performed a SEARCH of my hard drive to see if I needed to download these files and when the search came up with nothing for both items I used the supplied link in the PDF (Microsoft Download Center) found and downloaded the Windows Installer 1 app.  I then tried to locate the dotnetfx 3.5 app in the Microsoft Download Center but came up empty.  A GOOGLE search provided me with multiple sources but I would like to point out that in the Microsoft Download Center the app is called .NET Framework 3.5... NOT dotnetfx 3.5!  I downloaded .NET Framework 3.5 and ported both files (Windows Installer 1 & .NET Framework 3.5) to my CONTROLLER PC with a USB memory fob.  I double clicked the Windows Installer 1 icon and a pop up window appeared which told me I had a version that was newer than the one I was attempting to install and I didn't need an install.  The only choice was an OK button... so I clicked OK.  My first quandry... does this USB JoyPad and game device plugin REQUIRE Windows Installer 1 or will a newer version work...???  I'm unwilling to replace whats on my computer with the older Windows Installer 1 as I have no idea how that will effect my computer's operation.  OK... now my hope lies in a big MAYBE.... MAYBE the plugin will work with a later version of Windows Installer??? Nothing else to do but cross the fingers and go on to the next file....NET Framework 3.5.  Here's quandry number two and toss in a dose of frustration.  I double clicked the install icon and it gave me the typical AGREE / DISAGREE to terms popup.  I clicked AGREE and off it went to attempt to do an INTERNET install of the program!  This computer is NOT connected to the internet so that failed!  I'm at a loss as to what else to do so it's back to KeyGrabber for me.

Steve (BOOMER52)

Problem solved...!  Nothing to do with the .rar extraction... everything to do with having a good version of Adobe Reader on the hard drive...!

Thanks for the help!

Steve  (BOOMER52)

I'm having no joy with extracting the PDF manual.  I've downloaded the .rar file twice and extracted twice with the same result.  The manual will not open and defaults back to a File Download window ad nauseam.

I used a trial version of BitZipper for the extracts... I'll try and find another free extractor and see if that solves the issue.


PS  Just now extracted and attempted to view the PDF manual using Extract Frog... same result. NO JOY.  Double clicking on desktop icon brings up an Explorer window for a 3 second interval which then closes and is replaced with a pop up FILE DOWNLOAD window.  Clicking on OPEN or SAVE results in a repeat of the above...???

General Mach Discussion / Older Xbox controller VS an Xbox 360 controller
« on: September 26, 2010, 02:27:33 PM »
I was given a working Xbox corded controller and I'm wondering if there is a functional difference between this older gaming controller and the Xbox 360 with regards to usage as a pendant...?  I do notice right off that it has a round plug with an interior blade centered within... not USB...???

Can this be made to work with Mach3...??? OR am I looking at something that has less utility than a paperweight...?


I go by the handle BOOMER52... simple enough really... a baby boomer born in 1952.  I'm retired... former CSI for the Orange County Sheriff/Coroner, Santa Ana, California.  Relocated from SoCal to Central Oregon where I'm building a home on 2 acres.  I have two machines under construction.  A self designed 8020 aluminum extrusion router and a Joe's CNC 4X4 Hybrid.  The 8020 machine is approx. 70% complete.  I figure to use this machine to help make the parts for the Joe's.  For the most part I'll be using Vetric's software... V-carve Pro with Mach 3 in my operations.

I've been lurking but with the housekeeping event soon to be implemented... I did not wish to be deleted...

Steve (BOOMER52)
Crooked River Ranch, OR

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