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General Mach Discussion / can mach 3 run a sherline from dpp
« on: August 29, 2008, 10:15:53 AM »
I just purchased a sherline cnc mill setup off of ebay  complete with computer and software (bobcad, and mach3). things worked fine until i decided to run the mill off of a different computer. No version of mach 3 seems capable of correctly controlling the mill.  The newest version makes my x axis just creep slowly(no other movements on any other axis) whenever i try to run any gcodes. The older version just cause x and y axis to rapid travel, making a diagonal line (until the x axis reached the end of it's travel and (i think) broke a shearpin. A version that is supposed to come setup for a sherline, from desktopmachineshop.com, doesn't do anything when i try to run gcode, but it will let me control all 3 axis' very well with the arrow keys. I called sherline and they were able to confirm that i was using one of their driver boxes, but they don't know anything about mach3 software.  I called dpp and they said that mach 3 is incapable of running any mill unless the software is specially modified by the manufacturer  to run a specific mill (bull*********) and he would be happy to email me another copy of mach3 set up for my mill for $150. I would rather throw the machine in the garbage and lose my $4000 invested than deal with that company.
so my question is : does anyone have any ideas that i could try (or a version of mach3 that i could load) that might make my mill work?
Is there a configuration file hiding somewhere other than the mach3 folder that i could transfer to the new machine to make it work?

Oh, and does anyone know how to get to the x-axis shearpin? Is there one, or did i just destroy my new toy?

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