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I dont know EMC for myself... Its just another one of the stories I heard..

And indeed. the thing that emc is "realtime thats also the thing i've heard... SO i think for that reason its not possible in mach3.. because windows is too slow..

Anyway the idea whas... the stepper system is an open loop with no feedback at all.. My idea was.. if there is something watching over the movements and could do "something"about eventual errors that would be better than nothing...

Hahah indeed..

WHel this is the reason I'm asking

I'm rebuilding  a morbidelli U-15...
The old servo's and drives were unuseable... so i bought 20Nm stepper motors and 230V AC stepperdrives...


Sometimes I have tiny quarks with mach... and thats the reason i'd like some feedback to mach..

Servo's that size are very expensive and the project would loose its purpose to make a fairly cheap industrial machine...

Anyway, if you'd like to see some pics just register in the dutch cnc forum   www.cnczone.nl

and look in this topic:  http://www.cnczone.nl/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2256

Thanks for the help


Ok message undersood... I get the idea..

Today I heard from someone else that EMC2 does have this function... and that its the only cnc controller that does that because its working on linux and not windows..
(dont know if it really works, havent seen it)
So i've heard a lot of stories, and just wanted to know what was the real deal...
The only thing I dont understand is... Why do Professional controls like Heidenhain, fanuc, siemens etc something similar like that?
Yes the do have servo's with encoders  connected to the drives but the frequently also have a measuring system like a liniair encoder (glass ruler) to give feedback to the controls . Thats a real closed loop..

Thats how i came up with the idea..and thought what is the reason why mach doesnt do that?

Anyway..thanks for the reply.... now for the decision.. stay with steppers or go servo  ;D

Hi Ian

Thanks for the reply...

I understand how the servo closed loop systems work... And also know that  a good stepper system doesnt loose steps..
What I wanted to know whas in the event that it would happen, or that one of the steppers would stall for an instant  for what reason at all... that mach could  correct this by moving to the right position according to the feedback of the encoders..

SO if I understand correctly.. I CAN connect encoders to the shafts..  of each axis and connect it to mach... mach will show the coordinates in the DRO but in the event of a slight stall or loss of a step   mach does not correct it and continues from the "wrong"spot.. Or the other way around... that mach just puts out a pulse stream at a certain frequency untill the encoder says he reached the spot  and then stops..

Thats to bad.. hahah Just wanted to know if it whas possible  to have a cheap stepper system with the benifits of an encoder just like a servo system... and mach would have a realtime knowledge of where the axis are and correct any faults..



Hi Guys.

I'm toying with an idea for quite some time now.. i'm sure that im not the first but i really like to know what to expect..

I'd like to know if its possible  to make for exemple a milling machine with steppermotors and connect some encoders to the shafts of the steppers. Then if I connect the encoders to mach3 will mach be able to adjust any loss of steps? or does mach only show the coordinates in a DRO and leaves the loss of steps as they are?

Up til now I havent found someone who could tell me how mach3 reacts to encoders and resolves faults like loss of steps..



Hey Hood..

The feedrate buttons Workt fine now!! ;D
Thanks for the help..

Screen4 opened up a whole new world for me... hahaahah

I also made some other changes  8)

thanks.. I downlloaded screen4.. it looks quite easy.. i can understand why the rename is done...

I'll try tomorrow on my lathe...


ok thanks I'll try!!!

thanks for the support

hey hood..

thanks for the reply..

I'm sorryI'm a real newbie in altering mach like this...

How do I  open screen 4  to alter the screenset?

Thanks for the help!

then how do i alter the standard screen... to work with the  oem codes 108 and 109? ;D

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