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Hi Lee, thanks for responding so quickly.  I know he doesn't have 2 controllers so I will check to see if there is another device.  I'm not the greatest at windows so I think I should use dxdiag to check.

That should work. Just look for 2 devices with the VendorId 0x45E and ProductID 0x28E. Also, Microsoft issues different versions of the driver. Sometimes you will get an update and things quick working and you have to go get the old driver.  You can check your driver version and his to see if they are the same. Along the same lines , you may have reinstall the XBox360_32(or 64)Eng and the Nov 2007 DirectX SDK. Good luck.

Hi folks,

Weird issue here. Using an aftermarket 360 controller and running off a CNCDrive AXBB-E. Everything works just fine, except the jog rate is very slow and does not change based off  jog rate% or feed rate in Mach3. Is there a setting or something I can change? Specifically it will only do 2.29inch/min. I've tried calibrating the controller in windows.


Don't know if I can be much help on that but I would suggest trying a true Microsoft XBox360 controller first. My guess is that the range of the joystick (thumbstick) motion is set too low. In calibration, you should be able to see the coordinates (Raw Data).
The range is 0 to 64K. Your joystick (thumbstick) may have a lower range.

Good day all,

Trying to help a friend whose WinXp box went down and now has a win10 box.  I have been able to remote in and set up mach3 and get it to run.  He and I use to have the xBox360controller on XP machines and loved the way Lee allowed us to set it up.  I have a win10 machine now so I can help him out.

I have installed the latest version and the vendor and product id's show up in the boxes in both his and mine.  I get no errors when I load Mach3 and the plugin is registered and has a green check mark.  The buttons are configured the way we used to have them.

The problem.  I can get my controller to work with win10 and Mach3 but his does not.  The wireless controller for him is always connecting to the upper right instead of the upper left.  I thought I read somewhere that it must connect to the upper left.

Thoughts on what is causing his to connect upper right and does it make a difference?  Any other thoughts as to why his is not connecting?



If you have 1 controller connected, then the upper left light is on meaning this controller is number one. If you connect a second one then the upper right light is the only one on etc. This is for Windows not Mach. So, it looks like the remote user has a Windows 10 that thinks it is the 2nd controller. Why - could be that he has 2 controllers hooked up. Could be that he has another device that Windows thinks is a controller. The device manager should indicate if there are 2 devices.
It doesn't matter id 1 controller is wireless and the other is wired.


You are welcome.


Did you receive an answer yet? Check the documentation. You should download Xbox360_32eng.exe from Microsoft's website. You will have to hunt for it there. They don't make it easy to find. Install that. Then the DLL should work. Let me know if you need more help.


If you try and configure a button you will see a number of choices. I would likely have to add it as an option. I don't have a touch probe so I don't know how it is fired. Please explain exactly everything about it that you can think of. For example, how is it installed, what make/mfg is it, when the probe touches the bed what occurs. If I can get enough info to figure out what Mach3 is doing with it then I may be able to watch for that code and handle it. Then it could be added as an option. The only other thing I can think of is for you to write a custom Macro (1-3) and then you can assign it to a button.


Sorry for not responding sooner but I have been pretty busy.  Are you still having problems with the controller?


Wondering if I could get some help installing an Xbox360 wireless controller to run
Mach3 on an XP computer.
I have installed the Microsoft software that came with the controller. Plugged the
receiver into the back of the  pc. The controller appears to have linked up to the
receiver since the green light in the upper left quadrant is on. Xbox 360 appears in
config plugins in Mach. It has been activated and I went into config and selected the options for the controls. The vendor ID and product ID are populated. I restarted the pc and opened Mach3 but the controls will not move any axis. 
Went into device manager and found Xbox360 peripherals and confirmed the driver
was loaded and the device shows as working correctly.
Checked Human interface Devices and per a trouble shooting document it should have
two files,  a USB human interface device and  HID-compliant game controller.
The HID-compliant game controller is missing which could be the problem but
not sure  how to install it.  Should it have been loaded with the software load or does it get installed some other way?

Thanks for any help

I'Ve installed the plugin but I can't get it to work. I'm using a clone controller from Speedlink and when I input the VID (1A34) and PID (0802) it won't save. It's not a read-only issue since I can change the button mapping without a problem. I can also save the correct values in the config file when input through an XML-editor. As long as I don't start Mach3 they remain correct but as soon as I start the values are returned to 0x0000. I must be doing something wrong but I can't for the life of me think what it is.

BTW the controller is fine. Windows diagnostics work and if I install the joystick plugin I can get X and Y moving.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The plugin sets the values to 0 because the plugin does not recognize the controller as being valid. Some of the Speedlink controllers do not send valid packets to the driver so the driver doesn't know what to do with it.  Basically, you just need to get a different controller. The XBox360 controllers are pretty inexpensive.  Sorry I can't be more help.

I see this is still an active thread, that is good.

i am building a new machine and have tried to get an x-box 360 wireless controller for windows to work. The plug-in worked ok, but when I tried to config, it said I need "dotNetfx3.5". I downloaded and tried to install it, and it said it needed more programs and to connect the PC to the internet. i do not have internet or even a phone line in my shop, so i cannot easily do this.

This is a brand new windows 10 with all the latest updates done to it.

Short of me taking it all apart, and putting it all back together in the house, to download this program, only to take it all apart again to take it back out to the shop...... any ideas?

Basically, I cannot open the button setup screen(after hitting config in Mach), and currently the controller will only move the X axis (if I push 3 buttons at once, while holding my tongue in the right place), and even then, it only sometimes worked.

Thanks for any insite.


Hi Ray,

About the only option is to do as you suggested. I don't know what other files Windows 10 wants. Sorry I can't offer a better solution.


Hi I have been using Lees plugin for the last 6 months or so and its worked flawlessly, so thanks for that, great plugin :) Ive just upgraded my machine to using a UC100 motion controller, which also uses a mach plugin. its seems that this is clashing somehow, as I now experience all kinds of issues including just stopping working altogether for 5 mins or so and then coming back to life without any warning or popup.

I just wondered if anyone else has had experience of using the 2 plugins together and of course any fixes or at least narrow down the cause of this kind of clash of plugin, never heard it anywhere before. It seems that especially when switching from continuous to incremental it freezes the controller, but every time.   

Also is there a public folder anywhere with older plugins for download? Id like to try one and see if it makes difference

Here is a link to the original UC100 controller


Note the reference to fake controllers. That may be causing your problem. On another note, the plugin for the XBox360 controller for Mach 4 was written by someone else and I can't help you there. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help on this. I don't have a UC100 , so I can't test it against my XBox360 plugin for Mach3. If you can figure out an exact failure sequence, I may be able to look into the code and see if I can come up with a patch.

Good luck,
Hi Lee thanks for the reply. I bought the uc100 direct from the link so no worries there. I not using mach 4 im still using mach 3 their plugin is written is for either. At the weekend I even bought a genuine controller to at least rule that out.
I appreciate you dont have the uc100 so i dont expect you to support this. but since the thread seemed quite active i thought i might find another user who had similar experience and maybe a fix.
The problem seems to centre around switching from continuous to incremental, jogging just stops and then i cant jog from either the KB or xboxcontroller. ive found hitting escape seems to get things going again until the next time mostly it works fine until it doesnt, intermittent, the worst kind of problem. ive taken everything xbox related off the pc and reinstalled it along with a fresh Dl of your plugin and still the same. I like to solve problems but this has got me stumped.
One question I hope you might answer for me, where is the config file stored for your plugin and can I clear it somehow?

The settings are stored in an XML file generally in C:\Mach3. The XML file is the name of shortcut. For example, it may be Mach3Mill.xml. the settings are at the end of the file. you can use a program such as XML notepad by Microsoft (free) to edit it. that is strange that you cannot jog even with the keyboard. That almost makes me think the problem is with the UC100 code. You might try switching between continuous and incremental twice in a row and see if that fixes it. The UC100 code may be missing a pulse on the switch.

Good Luck

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