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I have recently added a 4th axis to my cnc mill and have the following problem.

3 axis XYZ work fine without the 4th axis enabled in mach - config - ports and pins.

enable 4th axis in mach - config - ports and pins all axis fail.

deselect 4th axis  in mach - config - ports and pins all axis still fail.

restart mach 3 axis work fine.

Pins set as follows:
Axis       Dir       Step
x            2          3
y            4          5
z            6          7
a            8          9

I am using a MRI-PCIPP2 pci  and I suspect it is something to do wit the Mode. It is supposed to be SPP/EPP/ECP compatable  and auto selected.
OS is XP and up to date on Updates.

What I think is the problem is the PCI card is in the incorrect mode, but I have been unable to find any info on manually changing it.

Any help

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