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Nothing moved on this project. I've been busy using the Mill and Lathe and getting bogged down in all the other life stuff.

Well I'm back and looking for some time to progress to the next stage. I still haven't recieved the mill handles from chester yet,though they promise today or tomorrow.  Next step to make some cardboard templates to see how I'm gonna mount the motors.

Still maybe I'll find some bits of ally whilst I'm here for the brackets. If I had made up a template they could have cast me the brackets here in alloy or cast iron no problem.

Ha running next week :) I'm currentely in Romania and will be for a couple of weeks...and I'm not expecting much progress to be made on my CNC project whilst I'm away...(there's just no motivating some folk).

hello fab. I haven't got one of these nor do I know much about them. Does the battery warning come up as soon as you put new batteries in it? or does it wait a while? If it does wait a bit it may be caused by either a fault in the device draining the battery or (quite common with radio controlled gear) it can't make a connection with the Base unit..IE it continually scans even when you think it's not on. Like I said I thought it was worth a mention for a shot in the dark type thing. Can you borrow someone else's controller and see if this does the same?

The mill mounted...and fortunately I've got the hang of this pic posting thing. I've modified the ones above to fit the screen better...

third time lucky...This is the mill before mounting ....

My lathe on it's stand..hopefully smaller than the control box.

Control gear ready to go with a nice smoothstepper.

yep...1/4 of the price of a lot in Uk...and seem good kit..I'm not having much luck with these pics... do you attach them using the attach button or the insert image ?

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