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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 or Mach4 MDI Serial Input
« on: October 02, 2016, 12:39:41 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find a way to send Mach 3 or Mach4 (Im Flexible) MDI commands threw a serial interface.

I have searched the forums but mostly find results for modbus.

Any ideas will be very much appreciated.

Thank You


PoKeys / Re: Pokeys57U Console Build with questions
« on: November 20, 2015, 04:52:06 PM »
First, let me emphasize that PoKeys configuration software is mainly for testing only. All functions have to be configured in PoKeys Mach3 plugin to work correctly.

...appropriate jog button, however, they require 2 presses to function properly....
Which OEM buttons did you assign those inputs?

The inverted buttons can be fixed by selecting the 'Invert' option in the mapping page. By default, PoKeys detects all inputs as logical 1. When the switch is pressed, the pin is tied to GND and PoKeys reads logical 0.

Regarding MPG - I would strongly suggest you to let PoKeys handle the MPG jogging. The motion will be much smoother.
In order to do it, configure the encoder with your MPG signals, map it to the MPG1 DRO and click on 'Let PoKeys handle the MPG jogging'.

I went threw and re set up all mu buttons one by one. I had done most of them at the same time before. I tested each one as I went to make sure I was getting the action I wanted. Everything is working great now with the proper inversion as needed.

I looked into the "Let PoKeys handle the MPG jogging" however after reading the document here: https://www.poscope.com/index.php?route=product/product/download&download_id=123&product_id=90, I found I do not have this option available to check. It is not even on the screen as the guide shows.

I  happened to open the configure screen when the usb cable is not connected, and the option showed up. I am running 3.1.54a and will be updating to the latest tonight, I will see if that makes any difference when connected.


PoKeys / Re: Pokeys57U Console Build with questions
« on: November 16, 2015, 03:04:41 PM »
Hi, Adam

Have you considered using PoKeys plugin for Mach3?


What do you mean? I already have the pokeys plugin installed and enabled.


PoKeys / Pokeys57U Console Build with questions
« on: November 11, 2015, 01:37:15 PM »
I have been working on building a console for a router project I have going on.

I had salvaged a number of push buttons from machines over the years and wanted to put them to use.

This is what I came up with. Most of it was designed as I dug threw my parts bin. These included a 10" touchscreen, a metal frame from a silk screen and some sheet aluminum from a machine cover panel.

I still have to add a keyboard of some kind, but haven't found the right one yet.

Now, My questions.

I have a number of physical buttons that recreate button functions in mach. Jogging buttons are set up in the pokeys config to trigger the appropriate jog button, however, they require 2 presses to function properly. One press starts the jog and the second press stops the jog. In single step mode set to 0.001, I get 0.002 of movement with one press. X, Y and Z zero buttons function properly, but those signals are inverted to the rest of the buttons. These are the things that are confusing me. All switches are wired NO. Common is gnd on the pokeys and the other side of the switch goes directly to the pokey input.

I have thought of assigning all the inputs to user LED's and processing everything with a brain, but that is alot of work for what would be a straight forward configuration using the pokeys software.

The MPG section and axis selector as well as resolution selector is assigned to OEM inputs in mach3 inputs section and are processed by a brain. This section is working well, and now im working on getting the brain to switch back to the button jog when the mpg axis selector is in the off position.

The last one that is bugging me is the limit override button. It is a latching button and requires 2 pushes to go on/off. Meaning push/lock activates the override. pushing again to unlock does nothing, and another lock cycle will turn the override off. This is one of 8 buttons on the console that have lights to reflect the status of the function.


OO, Well that stinks. I was looking forward to getting a brain and writing a plugin to make it work. There is no way around the Trajectory planner in mach? What are the motion commands that the brain needs formatted like?

How dose the smooth stepper work? I have one and dont really know. Dose it do any of its own processing or dose mach do it all?


After looking around for more information about the brain and mach 3 I found this on the S.R. forum:
Posted: 2008-Dec-24 at 10:15pm
The CNC Brain plugs into your notebook via the USB port. The Brain sends signals to the drivers that connect to your steppers and power supply. Also, if you have them, sensors from the machine connect into the Brain.
The CNC Brain is just what the name implies. It is a "Brain" that thinks in terms of motion control.
Importantly, the CNC Brain can be used to "grow" as machine as it can run in mixed mode (open loop, closed loop, double closed loop running at the same time).
The Control Panel software comes with the Brain, including the source code (written in VB.Net). The SDK is also open (in case you want to write something yourself). From Microsoft, there is a free compiler in case you want to see how the whole thing is put together.
For Mach, a lot can be done with it (I've used it myself years ago). We have postponed supporting Mach in favor of putting the efforts into taking the Brain to the next level. This is nothing against Mach, it is about where we put the time.
As for manual, there is a manual "start" here: http://www.safeguardrobotics.com/downloads/CNCBrain/V1.0.6.4/CNCBrain_Owners_Manual_v1.0.6.4.pdf
More is coming.
All that make sense???


General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach, Rutex, Yaskawa combination
« on: February 26, 2009, 03:30:59 PM »
Did you ever get this working? What are the model of your drives? CACR-SR or CACR-PR?


I need to create a plugin for Mach3 that can access the Maintenance Hours information and pro-form actions based on the data. I believe that you need C or C++ to program a plugin?? I do not know either language, but I do know VB.net and Some C#. I have access to VS 2003, 2005, and 2008. So whatever is needed I can use. The part that I am the most unsure about is how to access the information in mach and activate outputs and scripts. Hope someone can get me going.


Hi My name is Adam. I am an electronics engineering student at New England Institute of Technology. I have 2 milling machines that I converted to CNC. Both of them run mach3 for control. I like to build robots in my spare time.

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