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Well I know it is a screen format that I have at least not seen something close to yet with the other screens out there.  I haven't really had the time to work on it the past few days.  Finished writing the post processor for converting posts from Unigraphics NX4 to a mach compatible format and haven't been able so stay away from the machine since!

I made the mistake of starting this one from scratch so it is going to be great fun copying over the diagnostics and settings screens which I intend to keep pretty much all of the same info as the standard screen.

Currently I do not have any type of panel with controls on it. 
I am not sure if you have seen the box for the machine I am trying to mimic. 

I could not think of a clean way to incorporate those controls onto the screen with the size limitation I am at. (but that doesn't mean I wont figure one out)
For now I am just running it through the standard PC interface.
I do plan on making another screen with manual movement/jog controls  since I know I use them quite often... (Personally I don't like having control over these from any page like most screensets out there)

I have also been thinking about working on an interface between the 3dconnexion spaceball 5000 software and mach3

Simply put I am not a fan of a cluttered up screen.
At work I program for and sometimes run a Thermwood CS45 5'x10' router and like the controller software for it.
It made aparent sense to create my own screen set closely 'copying' the Thermwood SuperController V6 software.
This first version I am posting on here is not complete, but has all of the basics I feel I will use albeit the settings, diagnostics, and 'handheld' controller screen.
...and I know I need to change the DRO for the remaining time...
Currently I do not have any hotkeys assigned, but plan to do so in the future.

Also, the screen looks best if not auto-enlarged.. it is native 1024x768

Please feel free to critique and recommend changes.

Thank you,

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