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Flash Screens / Re: Tormach Flash Screen Set
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:42:17 AM »
I believe you need to install the latest flash utility

Flash Screens / Re: Tormach Flash Screen Set - editing
« on: December 25, 2009, 02:29:34 PM »
 I agree they are very cool. 

Can someone tell me how to edit the flash screens (.swf file) such as those that Tormach uses. I used to be able to edit the .set files as I wished to add convenient controls and labels with MachScreen editor.I would like to edit the flash screen to add some convenient things left out such as the name of the coordinate system i.e."I named the G55 user system to "Left Rear Vise corner".

Ron,.....I just sent a response to ypur personal message.  I am not as familiar with the forum workings as I should be so it took me a while to realize I had a personal message to respond to.....Pat

sounds good Ron.  I am not familiar with command "Set pathstring = fso.GetFolder(".")  " so I am not much help.

In the mean time, I wil modify the screen as I didin the prior version so I can select from my tool table.  I find this ability very useful.

Thanks again for the wizard package....its a great time saver for basic machining.

I am gettin an error message rather than the "unknown". I have the PCNC software installed in the path "C:\PCNC3\".  I also have the Mach 3 software installed in "C:\Mach3\", however, I am running the wizard from the PCNC3 software.  I looked at your code and I can't explain why it is not working either.  Is there a tool to allow de-bugging realtime to watch the variables during the code execution like I can do in more typical VB programming for PC aplications?



I am using the latest zipped version file I could find called "Newfangled282.zip"

Here is the code I have been using that I added to your screen in a prior version (v2.77) to pull up the tool diameters and descriptions.  It works perfectly.  You may be correct that ToolDesc doesn't work so I use a DRO that pulls up the Tool Description bases on the tool number like Tormach does in their screens. (check out the program line...."SetOemDRO(824,ToolNumber (Dlg1.listbox))    'set minimized Tool#DRO so that TOOLDESC DRO will Update")

Sub main
' read tool info from tool table and update DROs for tool number and dia

Dim ToolNumber (256) As Single
'''''Dim ToolDesc (20) as string
Dim ToolDia (256) As Double
Dim ToolDisplay(256) As String
CurrentTool = 1

For CurrentTool=1 To 255
  ''''''ToolDesc (CurrentTool) =
  TempDia = GetToolParam(CurrentTool , 1)
If TempDia>0 Then
  ToolNumber (ToolCnt) = CurrentTool
  ToolDia (ToolCnt)= TempDia
  ToolDisplay(ToolCnt) = Format(ToolNumber (ToolCnt),"000")  & "  ("  & Format(ToolDia (ToolCnt),"0.0000") &""")"
 End If
Next CurrentTool

Begin Dialog ToolBox 256,89, "Select Tool from Tool Table"
  OKButton 204,24,40,14
  CancelButton 204,44,40,14
  ListBox 50,24,128,60, ToolDisplay (),  .listbox
  Text 50,17,128,10,"Tool # (Tool Dia) "
End Dialog

Dim Dlg1 As ToolBox
Button = Dialog (Dlg1)

If Button=0 Then  'cancel button
  Exit Sub
End If
SetUserDRO(1007, ToolNumber (Dlg1.listbox))
'''''''SetUserLabel (1,ToolDesc(count))
SetUserDRO(1004, ToolDia (Dlg1.listbox))
SetOemDRO(824,ToolNumber (Dlg1.listbox))    'set minimized Tool#DRO so that TOOLDESC DRO will Update
End Sub


Ron....I am a Tormach user with the latest software and get an error when I try to pull the tool info from the table.  It does not recognize the "get tool desc" on line 30.

You may remember me, I am the guy who worked with you on the ability to pull the information from the tool table many months ago.

Any idea what's happening?



Can you provide upgrade information/dates for us?  I am using PCNC version 3


Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / Re: V2.76
« on: January 20, 2008, 04:39:22 PM »

The GetToolDesc code errors on my system.  Do you suppose it is because this is a new code Art has added and I am using the PCNC Mach 3 version which has not been updated for a while?


VB and the development of wizards / Re: Macro Parameters
« on: November 23, 2007, 08:15:26 PM »
Thank you. Thats what I needed.  Is there some place that this is documented?  Are there more than 3 parameters you can input?


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