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I'd like it to be:

G53 Z0
G53 X8.5
G53 Y-9
G53 Z-4.5

I know I can set coordinates, but I want it to do it in that specific order.

Thanks in advance if you can teach me how to do this.

General Mach Discussion / Can someone help me with Mach 3 turn tool wear?
« on: December 12, 2008, 05:03:31 PM »
I want to be able to put a number in mach 3 turn if my parts dimensions are creeping due to wear.  I'm currently manually offsetting, and it's getting a lot to remember :)


General Mach Discussion / Help, when I have a spindle speed say 4000
« on: November 22, 2008, 03:06:44 PM »
and then the code takes it to 4200 for finish pass or something and
then the code takes it to 3500, the spindle slows to a stop.

anyway around this? It will speed up, but will not slow down, it
will only stop if a lower rpm is chosen.

i just now checked that if i manually set spidle to 4000 and click the spindle speed down button, it shuts it off.  this is on a tormach.

can anyone duplicate this?

Thank you, that worked perfect!

Say I put an edge finder in the machine and then set spindle to 2000 RPM and hit "spindle".  It takes about 5 seconds before I can jog to a new position.

I need that to be zero, cause when I try to tap at the bottom of the tap, the machine runs the spindle in reverse, bud does not feed back up till it runs the spindle for about 5 seconds destroying the threads I just put in.

Well, it's 8 months later can I get paid support, I NEED SOME HELP!

It does not show it in the video, but because of the limitations of mach 3 mill/ bobcad, I have to cut a lot of air, in order to start cutting down into the part so I don't cut too much material in one pass.  I have it in my head that with lathe software, I would be able to keep the tool in the part more and cut my time down for each part.

I get how to set z zero, but I can not tell, is x zero from the center of the part?  Or "touched" at the outside diameter?  Can someone please call me at 512-656-2357 and answer a couple of rudimentary questions I have about mach 3 turn?  I have been running my CNC lathe as a "mill" for the past few months, and I've decided this week that I will start running my lathe as a lathe using mach 3 turn.

here is my lathe being run from mach 3 MILL!


Wow, that fixed everything!  Even running better than before!!

Yes, I have always had it enabled, cause there is .001 in the system.  It has always done it to a small degree, but never can I recall it compensating for backlash and just stopping dead before it jogs.  Maybe my memory is just fuzzy and I'm more aware of it now cause I'm making changes............

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