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Mach4 General Discussion / Router Profile vs. Mill Screen
« on: December 02, 2018, 08:51:18 PM »
Can someone tell me the difference between the Router Profile and Mill Profile? I notice a few differences, but nothing major. I use Mach 4 Mill for my CNC Router so I was wondering if maybe there was something different, something that would be really useful for my router?

Maybe. LOL I've been doing this for decades now and as complex are the things I do and build there is SOOO much more to learn or implement.

Got it all setup! Made a precision ground aluminum block. Works awesome, Thanks again for your help.

As a test I did a couple tests using a Tool Setter as the touch off block to see if it moves at all when the bit hits and it the needle didn't flinch. Pretty amazing stuff.

HAAA!!! Sorry who said that.

Ah cool. Thanks.

Oh, is there a script I have to add? Or where do I find the built in one, cause I assume there are values to change?

AHHHH, Momma always said not to touch!! Cool.

Ok i get hooking it up to pokeys, pretty easy I suspect. Take a pin on Pokeys and GND. One goes to the spindle and one goes to the plate I'm touching off of. Set up in Pokeys is simple just enable probe and fill in the fields. I've done that before.

What I can't find is where the script is or where the button is like in Mach 3 to Auto Tool Zero.


Can you recommend a post or tutorial on how to set this system up with Mach 4 and my Pokeys board?

General Mach Discussion / Auto Tool Setting with SUPER Small Bits, Help.
« on: November 27, 2018, 05:52:15 PM »
So I've never used a touch plate to set the Z height of tooling before, but would like to set it up in Mach 4. I'm sure there's lots of posts about this, but the search function is still not working, but my question is this I use some super small bits .0156" to be exact. I mean they are tiny. If I use the auto tool set feature in Mach 4 and it brings a .0156" bit down to a touch plate is that going to break my bit. I mean once conductivity is present how quickly does Mach 4 and my Pokeys57CNC react?

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