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General Mach Discussion / homing accuracy
« on: September 03, 2008, 02:13:20 PM »

I am back to the frustration level. I thought everything was going well. I have been spending the past several weeks trying to get a lathe (2-axis) ready for production use. I was able to make about 200 parts ( I need to make about 2500/week) during which time the both the spindle motor and the servo motors had "seizures". Re-zeroing the servos seemed to take care of the control part but the spindle motor, I have no idea. I have put a surge protector on the computer power. The lathe power is 220V single phase I will put a sola there as well.

I went back at trying to run the lathe again this week after the holiday and I can't make a single good part. I loaded the same program I was using, I zeroed everything the way I have been I checked calibration and motor tuning settings. No luck.

Is there a way to write the program in encoder counts rather than inches or millimeters? I assume zero on the encoder is at same location all the time? Maybe I am really not getting everthing back to the correct offsets? It seems everytime I use the machine I have to tweak the program to get good parts. What am I missing?

We have an Applied Motion system that is about 5 or 6 years old now and the program is bullet proof. You can shut it off in the middle, pull the plug anything and when it powers up it is back and ready to go. Since it is getting old we are setting the Mach up as a back up/ replacement if the Applied Motion does quit.


General Mach Discussion / Feed Rate
« on: February 07, 2008, 03:45:11 PM »
I put in what I thought would a feedrate for one axis and it messed up every setting I was using. Line was add as follows I think, I took it out and had to fix home positions and it tried to move the z axis which I have bolted down. Also, I could not start the spindle again. I had to exit Mach 3 and reload. Evidently F is a global statement.???

N65 G01 Y-0.225 F001

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