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General Mach Discussion / Tool Path not displaying correctly
« on: July 05, 2006, 02:20:33 PM »
I just converted my cnc machine to use mach3 instead of Ah Ha! and tried to cut my first part last night but when I ran a dry run above the material, I noticed the part was cutting much larger than I had it programmed for. The cut was a .390" circle and the tool moved around about a 2.000" circle. I also noticed the graphical representation of the tool paths (in the upper right hand corner) is not like the the tool paths in my cam program. In mach3 it shows the 3 tool paths as 3 circles at three seperate center locations starting close to the center and moving a small amount to the left for each circle. My version, in geopath and my verify program show all 3 circles have the same center location and the part cuts perfectly in the simulator. (I am trying to cut one of those nested cubes)


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