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I have a CNC router dedicated rotary machine recently installed running latest mach3. The A axis is the rotary and then the long axis is Y fixed on the centreline and Z is up and down. 8" cnc rotary table with nema 34 motor, its all pretty conventional stuff.

wrap programs are create programs in vectric

I am getting the rotary axis motor stalling at certain points in programs each and every time a program is run through, it ruins work. The other 2 axis are the same drives/motors so I have swapped the drive over and eliminated that, put a new nema34 motor on and eliminated that, unplugged the Y and Z and ran it through (still stalls), I also ran it with zero load on ie uncoupled from the rotary table and you can actually hear and feel it stall with absolutely nothing connected. I have come down to either the code or mach3 settings or a combination. It is nothing mechanical or electrical on the system.

The code is attached. On mach3 acceleration of A axis is set to 300 and velocity is 2000. Units are all in mm. In particular I get audible stalling at several points, one of the most obvious is at lines N1470 - N1480. Any help much appreciated.

Newly built machine running gecko G540. Got all the motors running and tuned in etc. When I run a program or sometimes when jogging around it throws up an external estop, it doesnt happen in the same place. I have tried:

swapping the axis over
disabling the limits
removing all the motors from the gecko (still does it when running through a program)
messed with the debounce
checked all the wiring and connections
disconnected the spindle so it cant be that

All the motors are grounded, shielded, have resistors on.

Any suggestions on what this could be? I have been troubleshooting it for hours and hours with no joy. Could it be a faulty gecko?

I purchased an ISMM2080 jog pendant and am having no joy at all setting it up. I have connected it directly to the LPT2 via a 25 pin solder plug. The instructions I have followed are via the cnc4pc link


I initially thought it was the LPT2 address and it turned out I did indeed have it wrong, so reset it to 0xECF8 in mach3. As far as I know the port works fine, I can use a printer from LPT2 no problem.

I wired the pendant into a 25 pin connector as per the cnc4pc document so:

red and orange/black were connected to USB + 5v
black and white/black were connected to USB ground
green to pin2
white to pin3
yellow to pin4
yellow/black to pin5
brown to pin6
nothing to pin7
grey to pin8
grey/black to pin9
orange to pin10

the e-stop blue and blue/black were left disconnected for now until I can get it working and I dont think I need pink, pink/black, red/black and brown/black. I am fairly sure what I have done so far is wired correct. There is still a bare non coloured wire which has solder on the end and not sure what that is?

I have followed cnc4pc`s instructions manual for settings and loading the brains etc and when I plug it in the led light comes on but absolutely nothing happens.

In diagnostics the output 6 light is on.

What tests can I do to start eliminating things and hopefully reduce the hair pulling and get it sorted?

General Mach Discussion / HELP pleeeeeese Z axis problem !!!!
« on: June 11, 2007, 04:26:33 PM »
A problem with the Z axis is driving me totally mad. I have a 3 axis cnc router and after 5 or 10 minutes of running a program the Z axis stalls when it tries to make a +ve move and just makes a buzzing noise ie no steps. I let it be for half an hour it works and then repeats the problem... I have tried everything (no real help from HEIZ cnc in Germany) and even put a bigger motor on to no avail. It is worse in hot weather??

I have it running through a pci parallel port on my cpu and after checking the pins directly out of the computer port for voltage here is what I get:

X axis pin 2 direction   5v
X axis pin 3 step         5v

Y axis pin 4 direction   5v
Y axis pin 5 step         5v

Z axis pin 6 direction   5v
Z axis pin 7 step         0v ??

I cant understand why I get 0v on step and the motor still goes, is this the problem? pin 1 is spare and is 5v but I am not sure how to swap everything.

Any help would be much appreciated  :)

when running a program the Z axis would after 5 or 10mins lose steps on the way up almost like it didnt have enough torque and was grinding. This caused the dro and axis to go out of sync and ruin my work. I have just swopped the Z and Y axis controls over and now the Y axis does it and the Z works perfectly. What could this be? Is it something to do with the pins I am using? I have a good spec PC with and am running it through a PCI parallel port. It is driving me crazy as its my only production machine!!! Help  :)

General Mach Discussion / motors gone mad with new computer
« on: February 11, 2007, 07:43:32 AM »
I have been running mach3 on my laptop for the last 6 months no problems. I have just got a dell desktop running windows 2000 professional and put all the same parameters in an it goes mental. Motors are just jumping all over the place, I cant leave it on. Driver test on dell looks perfect. What is wrong with this setup??  ; :o

General Mach Discussion / setting machine coordinates to zero??
« on: October 22, 2006, 08:59:24 PM »
ok here is my problem, I load mach 3 up with a program and then turn my cnc controller on. Both current position and machine coordinates are all zero, i then machine a part. If i move the axis to set the datum for another part and zero x & y then the machine coordinates are no longer zero and when it is done it returns to machine zeros which is a pain?? how can i zero the machine coordinates without rebooting everything? cheers :)

I want to make a floating head for my cnc router to give a constant depth. does anyone have any ideas on how to make one of these or how they work,. Cheers, M :)

General Mach Discussion / Z axis moves on its own in program/jumps steps
« on: October 07, 2006, 12:42:32 PM »
This is really becoming a problem for me  :( When im running a program the Z axis will move -ve direction and miss steps on its own + make a horrible sound. Once I left it for a few seconds and it had gradually jumped 10mm down into my vacuum table (not good) but still showed correct depth on readout. This happens nearly every program I run. Dont seem to have problems with X & Y steps jumping! I am running it all from a compaq presario 2100 (could this be the problem) Any help would be most appreciated. Cheers, Mark

LazyCam (Beta) / Tool offsets drivin me crazy!!
« on: July 10, 2006, 04:48:36 PM »
Brian is there any chance you can put left, right and central tool offset options in lazycam. It would be good to select climb mill and tool offset left to cut an outside of a shape!! I keep scrapping my luvly carbon fibre bits off, have tried editing the program with G41/G42 but things just dont come out right.  ;D

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