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General Mach Discussion / Problem zeroing to part
« on: January 20, 2008, 12:22:17 AM »
Hi All,
I'm new to MACH3 and recently received the program with the purchase of my new Taig CNC mill.
I'm having a problem zeroing the machine to my stock.
I created a test part in Rhino3D and generated the tool paths with RhinoCAM.
The test part was a simple 1"X1"X1" cubic stock that the mill had to round the edges of.
I posted the gcode, homed the machine coordinates and jogged to the stocks top, left, front corner, then zeroed the three axis's.
Now, here's where it gets confusing. First off, the cross hairs don't display on the edge where I jogged and zeroed. Instead, they display about 3/16ths into the stock from the front edge and left edge. I expected the cross hairs to appear exactly where I jogged and positioned on the stock and where it showed on the display but when I click the regenerate toolpath, it wasn't on that edge.
After playing around a little I decided to try positioning the tool at that 3/16th offset position and ran the operation.
The tool went along a path well outside the the actual stock.. following a path that appeared almost twice the size of the actual piece in the vise. The job eventually failed, obviously.. but I have not been able to understand why MACH is doing this.
Has anyone experienced this? Is this by design? I went back and generated a few other test parts, ranging from 2 inch square, 1X3 rectangles, etc.. they all did the same thing. All zeroed in about 3/16th  right in the X and deep in the Y.
Any suggestions are welcome.


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