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General Mach Discussion / work offsets
« on: November 15, 2010, 11:18:37 AM »
I am trying to machine two parts using g55 and g56.  g55 is one vise and g56 is another.  when i run through the program it seems to machine everything correctly except the very last finish pass in g56.  i turn on cutter comp then everything goes hay wire i get drives faulting and i think its trying to move back to the g55 position to do the finish pass there.   i attached the nc file that i'm working with and i'm at a loss as to why it completes part one just fine, but won't finish part 2.  its like when cutter comp pics up it reverts back to its original position when it was first being used.  i am running the latest mach 3 software.

I just finished reinstalling win XP on my computer.  this is a dedicated setup for mach to run my cnc.  i had it running before but windows would lock up. so this time i reloaded windows with using the optimization suggestion of loading with F5.  now when i run mach 3 i can't get anything to do anything.  i even went out and bought a seperate PCI serial adapter card thinking there maybe a missing driver in windows with the new install and still nothing.  i can't even get my limit switches to trigger on the auto detect function. 

i know this seems really stupid as i had it running before, but i'm at a loss as to whats going on now.  btw the computer is a 3ghz pentium with 2 gigs of ram.  this is the same computer i ran before with mach 3 just a new install of windows xp.

I am getting ready to a build a mach 3 only computer.  i will be running windows xp pro as i have that available.  my machine is built and running but my current computer keeps hanging up, so i want something new that i can start fresh with.   pretty much all the mother boards now have on board video, is it necessary to still run a seperate video card?  right now i'm thinking that i want an intel chip.  is there any benefit to running a dual core?  also with ram being so cheap now and most boards capable of running 8 gigs of ram is there a reason to run so much?  running the parallel port is a really basic function that can be handled in dos, so it really looks like there doesn't need to be a bunch of ram needed.  i was planning on running two gigs as i think thats the smallest i can get right now.  again looking for ideas here and am looking forward to seeing the responses.

i made most of the fixture this morning and everything worked just fine.  i was able to rough at various levels and came back to do a finish pass and the part came out great but a little small on the diameter.  so i decided to create a finishing cycle with my cam program (onecnc btw) and here is the code it spit out.  as far as i can tell the code is fine.  for some reason it will do the first rough at .250 deep, which is correct.  then it decides to plow into the material at the bottom of the hole to .800 deep.  well this just ruined the first hole in the fixture.  when i back the tool up and out and retouch it off, the tool is .300 lower than expected.  ok, no problem maybe the touch off was off, then i went and ran the first hole again.  it again wanted to plow to .800 deep.  pulled it out and retouched off the tool again...again .300 low.  rehomed the machine and retouched off the tool.  now its .600 high and retouched off to the exact first number i ahd before to within .0002. 

any idea whats going on here?  i find it strange that it ran everything else just fine and the first set of programs i ran on it. 

N90 G49
N100 G17 G40
N110 G49
N120 G17 G40
N130 G20
N140 G80
N150 G90
N160 G98
N170 (0.37INCH END MILL)
N180 T1 M06
N190 S950
N200 M08
N210 G43 H1 D1
N220 G00 X0.67 Y0.4875 Z0.5
N230 Z0.1
N240 G01 Z-0.25 F2.0 S950
N250 X0.867 Y0.4528 F4.0
N260 G03 X1.0987 Y0.615 R0.2
N270 X1.105 Y0.6875 R0.4175
N280 X0.27 Y0.6875 R0.4175
N290 X1.0987 Y0.615 R0.4175
N300 X1.1017 Y0.6497 R0.2
N310 X0.9364 Y0.8467 R0.2
N320 G01 X0.7395 Y0.8814
N330 Z0.1
N340 G00 Z0.5
N350 X0.67 Y0.4875
N360 Z-0.15
N370 G01 Z-0.5 F2.0
N380 X0.867 Y0.4528 F4.0
N390 G03 X1.0987 Y0.615 R0.2
N400 X1.105 Y0.6875 R0.4175
N410 X0.27 Y0.6875 R0.4175
N420 X1.0987 Y0.615 R0.4175
N430 X1.1017 Y0.6497 R0.2
N440 X0.9364 Y0.8467 R0.2
N450 G01 X0.7395 Y0.8814
N460 Z-0.15
N470 G00 Z0.5
N480 X0.67 Y0.4875
N490 Z-0.175
N500 G01 Z-0.525 F2.0
N510 X0.867 Y0.4528 F4.0
N520 G03 X1.0987 Y0.615 R0.2
N530 X1.105 Y0.6875 R0.4175
N540 X0.27 Y0.6875 R0.4175
N550 X1.0987 Y0.615 R0.4175
N560 X1.1017 Y0.6497 R0.2
N570 X0.9364 Y0.8467 R0.2
N580 G01 X0.7395 Y0.8814
N590 Z-0.175
N600 G00 Z0.5
N610 X0.6749 Y0.4866
N620 Z-0.175
N630 G01 Z-0.525 F2.0
N640 X0.8719 Y0.4519 F4.0
N650 G03 X1.1036 Y0.6141 R0.2
N660 X1.11 Y0.6875 R0.4225
N670 X0.265 Y0.6875 R0.4225
N680 X1.1036 Y0.6141 R0.4225
N690 X1.11 Y0.6875 R0.4225
N700 X0.4415 Y1.031 R0.4225
N710 X0.3579 Y0.8684 R0.2
N720 X0.3953 Y0.7519 R0.2
N730 G01 X0.5118 Y0.5893
N740 Z-0.175
N750 G00 Z0.5
N770 M5
N780 M09
N790 M25
N800 M30

General Mach Discussion / can you home a single axis?
« on: January 26, 2009, 09:21:17 PM »
i know about the reference all home button but can i home individual axes? 

General Mach Discussion / nesting sub programs
« on: January 11, 2009, 10:11:09 AM »
can mach 3 nest sub programs?  basically i want to run one sub within another sub to give me two rows of parts.  ideally i would like to make one hex, then move over complete nine more. then move up a row and repeat the pattern of 10.  i'm thinking that i would want the center of each hex to be zero then use and incremental move code to do the hex.  does this make sense?  the code i've posted below will allow me to do one hex but won't step over to do any others.  i'm thinking that i have something wrong in my coding.  yes i realize i can do this in lazy cam but i don't want to be dependent on that, plus i want to use the wear offsets available in cutter comp.

here is what i have so far...

G90 G94 G17 G50 G80
T01 M06
G43 H1 D1
G0 X0 Y0
m98 P2 L2
G28 X y z
M5 M9

m98 P1 L10
G91 Y1.5

g1 X-1.0 Y-1.0 f10
G1 X.5
X.5 Y.289
X.5 Y-.289
X-.5 Y-.289
X-.5 Y.289
G0 Z 3.5
X0 Y0

Feature Requests / wear offsets
« on: January 07, 2009, 11:18:11 PM »
i would like to see wear offsets implemented in both lathe and mill.  i think this would be a great asset when machining harder metals that tend to wear cutters like stainless steel or titanium. 

LazyCam (Beta) / need help creating code with L cam
« on: December 22, 2008, 03:12:35 PM »
i am trying to cut a bunch of flanges with my mill and i'd like to generate the program using LCam.  i can get the pocket function to work on circles however  i have some slots with round ends in the flange as well and it won't pocket these.  i have attached the DXF i'm using.  when i move the start point of the pocket it will pocket some of it, but it will never get all of it.  i can do two seperate halves but not one complete pocket.  the interconnection points on the cad program are set to 1e^-5 and the setting for loading on lcam are set to .01.  i tried .001 and .005 to no avail.  any help is greatly appreciated.

i seem to be having trouble using the tool change option.  when i first load Mach 3 and home the machine everything seems fine.  then i load my program and go to touch off tool 1 using just a peice of .003 shim stock.  after doing this do i need to rehome the machine?  i already have my offsets set i'm using g55.  when i go to run the program my third line is T01 M6 and it seems that mach gets stuck here and moves the z axis for some reason.  sometimes it wants to go up and most of the time it wants to go down and plow through the table.  when i hit stop and then rewind the z offset changes from the tool offset to what i assume is back to tool zero.  but when i go to run the program again it again does the same thing and hangs up on line 3 T01 M6. 

i haven't modified the standard m6 start and m6 end macros.  and i have the box checked under the config for stop spindle wait for cycle start which is what i want.  any ideas here would be great.


General Mach Discussion / making parts to size on customer prints
« on: November 23, 2008, 11:17:31 PM »
i am new to using mach 3 and was playing around with cutter comp on my cnc mill.  i am currently trying to cut an arc with cutter comp and it doesn't seem to be working.  i would hope that i could ultimately use cutter comp to be able to run the job with multiple different sized endmills.   so far though i haven't had any luck and i've had to go back and manually fix the parts because the cutter just wouldn't take enough material.  i guess is was lucky that it was not enough and not too much.  i'm just wondering how good of luck people are having making parts to print? 

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