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CS-Lab / CSMIO-IP-S & THC problem
« on: May 31, 2013, 07:44:42 AM »
Hello forum

I try implement the CSMIO-IP-S controller in my system (OEM). The machine
is a plasma cutter with THC. THC with a capacitive sensor.
I have the following problem.

Although THC function works fine when I disable THC function I
can only move Z axis with G00 or G01 codes once (jogging works fine).

Let me explain step by step the problem.

On Mach's default screen I press THC button.
The head moves down and stops properly.
I disable the THC function and on the MDI screen I give G00 Zxx input.
The head moves up to xx.
I press THC button on the main screen again.
The head moves down and stops properly.
I disable the THC function and on the MDI screen I give G00 Zxx input.
The head does not move!!
After Reset we can perform again G00 Zxx for one time.

Sometimes I get "ePID fault... press RESET on MACH screen" error.

The same thing happens also in gcode. only the first G00 Zxx is performed well.

CSMIO-IP-S Firmware 2.030 (4axis, x,y,z,a slave to y)
Mach3 v R3.043.066 (NOT demo)

Thank you in advance

General Mach Discussion / Fast Z on 2.5D machine
« on: November 06, 2006, 02:08:57 AM »
I am using M functions to activate and deactivate an output (output4) in my 2.5D machine. Everything works fine but there is a delay of some milliseconds (>350ms) from the execution of the M function to the next G command and from a G command to a M function.

Sample code:

N0440 X153.8415 Y44.6080 I5.1038 J-3.4409
N0450 X92.5577 Y69.9926 I-39.1988 J-7.9659
N0460 X90.8241 Y61.4619 I3.3986 J-5.1321
N0470 M17<----------------------------------------------------- (machine stops, M function deactivates output after some ms)
N0480 G00 X131.1282 Y101.9559
N0490 M18<----------------------------------------------------- (M function activates signal but the movement starts after a while)
N0500 G01 X104.6245
N0510 X123.8448 Y121.1526
N0520 X127.6986 Y126.9220
N0530 X129.6661 Y130.8300

M17 code:
M18 code:

There is a liquid running from the .5 axis and as a result of the delay I get a big dot in the beginning and in the end of the contour.
Do I need a faster PC?

Because I had to modify the hardware and the postproseccor I did not try the "Z is 2.5D on Output #6" on config->state... window. Do you thing that it will make any difference?

What else do you recommend?

Thank you

General Mach Discussion / stop waiting G4
« on: July 21, 2006, 06:11:13 AM »

I am using a script for a M function with G4 Pxx (wait xx seconds).Thats fine

Then I want by pressing a button to stop waiting and continue executing next line.
Any help?


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