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The flightstand was cut from Baltic birch plywood. The entire assembly folds up for easy transport.

The Beanbag boards were cut A/C grade pine plywood.

Show"N"Tell ( What you have made with your CNC machine.) / RC Gyrocopter
« on: December 02, 2010, 09:12:46 PM »
This gyrocopter was made with my MechMate CNC router.   Every part, including the blades, were cut on the router.

Brains Development / Execute Button Script - how do you use it?
« on: November 24, 2010, 07:24:45 PM »
I have been attempting to write a brain that will trigger my auto Z script when a Pokey55 button is pushed.  Can't seem to find a way to make scripts run from brains. 

Does any one know how to implement the Execute Button Script?  I am thinking this maybe the solution to my problem.


General Mach Discussion / Router Pendant - uses the U-HID device.
« on: May 09, 2009, 11:30:35 PM »
Here's a pendant design I have been working on for a couple of weeks.....finally got it finished today.  I used a device called "U-Hid" to interface the pendant to Mach....it really works slick.  The device emulates a keyboard......Windows(mach3) does not know the difference, it believes you are pressing key on the keyboard ;D

Here is some information about the U-Hid device.....I copied it from their website. www.u-hid.com

What is a HID?

HID stands for Human Interface Device. This is a term used to describe certain types of PC peripheral, usually connected via USB.
Windows and Mac OS support a number of "native" HID devices using in-built drivers. The U-HID board appears as the following HID devices on the PC:

Gamepad (including analog and digital controls)
LED outputs

The way in which the board emulates natively-supported devices means it requires no special drivers or host software, with the exception of LED output control.
The board has 50 connections which can be configured to any of these HID device types providing a truly universal interface. For example, you can connect pushbuttons to generate keyboard keystrokes, trackballs to act as a mouse, pedals to act as analog game controller joysticks, or hundreds of other device types. The PC will see all the devices as something it recognises, so all standard applications will work.
The menu headings on the left give more details of each type of device.

General Mach Discussion / What's the correct hotkey?
« on: January 11, 2009, 07:51:26 PM »

I am trying to determine the correct hotkey for the "Jog Mode" button.  According to screen4...the hot key is 32842 (Cntl J).  When used, Cntl J does appear to do anything.  Am I using the correct hotkey?

I am using the latest version mach (R3.042.020)


Wondering if anyone has tried this device with Mach3.   If this works, I was thinking it would make it really easy to make a control pendent.  The device comes in two sizes 50 connections or the nano, which has 8 connections.



This was my first attempt at RC motor building......it has many successful flights. 

The stator parts are from a CD Rom drive. ;D


Show"N"Tell ( What you have made with your CNC machine.) / Cribbage board
« on: December 30, 2007, 02:02:13 PM »
This cribbage board was a Christmas gift....it's made of black walnut w/white oak and antler inlays.


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