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General Mach Discussion / Machine Zero Resetting
« on: November 19, 2006, 10:36:16 PM »
I am new to CNC and learning a lot.  I have a Taig mill with steppers on  X and Y.  I will add the Z stepper as soon as I get comfortable moving the table around.

I am running Mach3, version R1.84.001, Bob Campbell's Mach3 Enclosure, and Bob's SoundlogicM3.xml  file.  I don't have limit or home switches on the mill yet.

No problem running several simple G Code files, but I found that my machine zeros were changing.  I finally figured out that if I move the table to some location away from X and Y zero, close Mach3, and restart Mach3, machine zero is then at the last spindle location before shutting Mach down.  From listening to Art's Homing and Limits video several times, I thought that machine zero could only be changed by referencing the machine to the home switches and of course, I don't have home switches yet.  Any suggestions.  I may have something set wrong or be doing something wrong.  I am not sure I've given enough information, so please let me know if some other detail is needed.



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