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General Mach Discussion / Run away jogging
« on: September 08, 2009, 10:43:45 PM »
Was using the arrow keys to jog my mill last night when it took off wildly.  I had punched the key several times in succession  as I often do when trying to nudge the table one way or the other.  Suddenly the Y axis stepper continued to move after I had stopped pressing the key.  Although this has happened before, I don't know if pushing the direction key quickly in succession is the problem or if holding the key down caused the axis to run away.  I had released the key and the table continued to move.

Seems I have read of others experiencing this before but I could locate a thread regarding the problem (maybe it is a benefit   ;) ).  I cannot remember if the problem was a mach setting or if it is a microsoft keyboard setting.  I am running Windows XP 7.

Any assistance or answers appreciated.



LazyCam (Beta) / Lazy Cam Fonts
« on: July 26, 2008, 09:05:46 AM »
???  Where does Lazy Cam store the fonts used in the text feature?  I have LC on two different computers (office and shop), both have the same version (3.00.2) installed.  The office computer version contains more fonts than the shop version and I would like to have them in synch since I sometimes have to make changes to programs that were created in the office.

Thanks -  BTW - different subject, but maybe someone knows the answer - Has development been suspended on MACh3.  The latest Revision 3.041 has not changed in sometime.

Thanks - and BTW - MACH3 and Lazy Cam have enabled me to be a happy  :D miller.

Bob@BobsShop - cutting and whistling

General Mach Discussion / Question Re. Mach Release 3.038
« on: March 22, 2008, 08:26:26 PM »
Noticed a reference to "3d," in the revision notes.  Is this a new enhancement; Or, have I missed something in the past?
March 20/2008
Release 3.038
-- Toolchange Macro update
-- l value for Gg9 sub call changed to 1 as default
-- Cv Blending fix for 3d files... Tries to carry as muck velocity as it can from one move to the next..
-- Verify nolonger changes the state of the Auto zero homing setting
-- Pressing enter on the Motion device slection dialog now selects the selected plugin

Really glad to see development has resresumed on Mach3.  Thanks, Brian. 

Bob @ BobsShop - always looking for an edge

General Mach Discussion / Version 2.63 vs: 3.00 vs:3.037
« on: February 27, 2008, 10:40:20 PM »
 ??? Has version 2.63 become the defacto "final version," of Mach3?  In the past I have stayed on top of developments and upgraded regularly in order to have the lastest and greatest - and have a version that corrected previous "bugs."  Now, I note that the 2.63 is the "Release Lockdown," version.  I have been using 3.00 without any problems (yet!) and am reluctant to regress to 2.63.  At the same time, I have not upgraded to the latest development version until it becomes a final release version.

Just curious.


General Mach Discussion / Watch the shop-vac gremlin
« on: September 07, 2007, 12:00:23 AM »
This was really weird.  Cutting a small piece with lot of compound curves,etc.  Making multiple .100 (inches) deep cuts to keep from hogging the small Taig mill.  First couple of passes were perfect.  Then, suddenly, the end mill turns at a right angle to the programmed path.  The dros were indicating the table had moved a lot further than it actually had. Checked the code and counldn't find any obvious errors.  Re-ran the program.  Was doing fine then - bang - mill suddenly (at a different point in the code) reversed itself and started cutting a bad angle -  Same routine, re-run, its okay for a while then #%*$@@!  Piece was trashed -

When make a new part I generally test new pieces by running in wood rather than aluminum - cheaper.  Noticed that everytime the milll went haywire, I was using a small shop vac to clean away the sawdust so I could see what the machine was doing.  It appears the motor on the shop vac was producing a signal what was picked up by the mill.  It coulld be that the drive motors themselves have a short (but this had not happened before), or the vac has a short.  It was plugged into the same circuit the computer and mill were on.  The vac was at least 30 inches away from the closest point of the mill.   

Finished running the part (without turning on the vac) and no more errant lines.  I will have to run more tests to see if, in fact, the vac was causing the problem' Or, see if there is another cause.

Bob @ BobsShop.  - Scratchng his head and watching the mill.

LazyCam (Beta) / LCAm enhancement needed
« on: September 05, 2007, 09:00:30 AM »
Brian:  Very pleased with the enhancements you and others have made to LC and Mach.  Some enhancements I would llike to see are:

Ability to swap(end to end, not 180 rotate) drawings in LC. Problem is:  After adding text (a really nice enhancement, btw) I have to rotate the drawing 180 (easy with the rotate feature) and swap end-to-end (difficult) in order to get the text cut properly (otherwise the letters are backward when cut).  I can swap the drawing using the mouse, but it is not smooth and sometimes it is difficult to position the drawing squarely again.  A swap feature would be a big improvement.   Strange as it may seem, I can swap with the mouse on my office computer, but can't do this on the shop computer (not a portable).  Can't figure this one out at all.   This drawback makes the swap feature almost a necessity.

Additionally, having a 1 x 1 (or smaller) scaled grid that could be toggled on an off on the LC screen would be nice - can live without it, but while your are coding anyway . :-}

One other nit - when updating to the latest and greatest, all my configurations are changed and I have to remember to go back and change things or I get reallly screwed up.   Is it possible to have upgrades without including changes to the configuration.  I have a separate folder for custom xml files and can copy them over, but sometimes forget to do so. 

Thanks again for all your efforts.  I am often surprised by what I can design and build with this software!!!

Bob @ BobsShop.

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Text In LCam 2.04
« on: August 12, 2007, 01:19:17 AM »
Having problem with the Text feature in LC 2.04.  When LC writes the Gcode and I import into Mach3 the letters come out reversed when they are cut.  They show properly in the tool table window and the mill cuts them in the proper order, but the letters are upside down.  I have tried every configuration of port and pin reversals, etc.  Reversing the Y axis to Dir Active Low got the text to cut properly, but then the Machine Coordinates and the DRO coordinates will not synch.  Could be a machine problem, but I haven't had any problem with other code.

Any and all assistance and direction appreciated.

Bob @ BobsShop - Typing, twisting,and turning.

LazyCam (Beta) / LazyCam 2.02 will not run
« on: May 22, 2007, 07:51:43 AM »
Downloaded the beta version of LC 2.02 and cannot get it to run.  The following message comes up:

"Application failed to initilize properly (0xc01500002).'

Running Windows XP Home Edition on a 3.07GHz desk top (not a laptop) machine  All previous versions of LC operated properly.

Any ideas what I could do to correct the problem?


Bob @  BobsShop

Attached are pics of the forward controls I made for the Harley.  The finished parts are layed out for your inspection.  The larger pieces pushed the limits of my small mill.  The stainless steel shafts and large round spacers were made on a friends lathe.  Everything was fabricated except the chrome peg mounts.  These are the first pieces of anything like this I have ever attempted.  Took a while.  Had to learn how to operate a lathe, teach myself how to run the cnc mill, and design with the CADX!! software.

Mach3 and LazyCam were invuable during this process.  CADX11, a free cad program, enabled the artistically challanged design deficient to build something workable.

The design of the after-market forward controls I have been using were (imho) clunky and my goals were to maintain the comfort and funtionality while improving the asthetics.

Prior to taking some basic lathe and mill (not cnc) classes I have never worked with machinist tools or designed anything.  This 67 year old has found the experience to be extremely satisfying.  Guess old dogs can learn a few new tricks

Bob @ BobsShop

LazyCam (Beta) / Mach3 Ver. 2.0.060 and NEW LCAM
« on: March 24, 2007, 10:41:33 AM »
I had been thinking of two things (not at once, no multi-tasking for this old chip cutter).  First thought - would be nice to have the ability to have LCAM draw the offsets for me.  Second thought.  I need to put a pocket in this part.

Have been drawing parts with two outlines - one offset for rough cut, another for the finish cut.  Worked, but extra work, and then using Pocket function in Wizrds to produce the pocket code and cuting and pasting the pocket into my major code.  Worked, but again more work.

Just downloaded the latest and greates Mach3 - and paid my $50.00 bucks for new LCAM Pro license.  WOW!!!!  Cleaner, faster parts.   Keep up the good work.  This software just keeps on keeping on.

Bob @ BobsShop - More metal, I need more metal to cut!

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