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General Mach Discussion / Advice on components for a new build.
« on: May 02, 2018, 10:44:07 AM »
???I'm planning a new build and have a couple questions regarding my shopping list if anyone cares to interject.
I'm a 3 license holder Mach3 advocate. I built a router, plasma (candcnc) and converted a mill.
My build is a 2 axis CNC Hotwire which neither has to go fast or be remarkably smooth. It's been awhile since my last build and things Ave changed from a stand alone controller box inclusive of a row of gekko drives and a big boat anchor transformer.
The now available components are so diverse and plentiful that it's dizzying.
Can I run a 64 bit Win7 or dust off that old Dell I knew would come in handy someday?
Who's controller is best or do I just go into a breakout?
Gekko still the choice for drives if I'm microstepping stepper motors?
Easier and straight forward is better, but now retired.....I have less time now if that makes sense....

Mach Screens / 2 axis HOTWIRE SCREEN?
« on: May 01, 2018, 10:48:27 AM »
I searched for but found nothing pertaining to 2 Axis Hotwire Screens. I'm building a basic machine for linear cuts (packaging material) no frills. I thought I saw a post sometime back by papabear on a screen he or someone he knew generated but the post went deep or...?
I would think this would be popular. I've seen some 4 axis on yout tube but not necessarily airfoils are where I'm going with this...
Can anyone put me on to something?

I'm sure someone has had a similar question in the past however when I do a specific search there is no definitive answer to this..(some time back the question was asked but the answer wasn't definitive).
Here is the question:
 I purchase a BP V2XT with decent iron. It sat long enough for the battery and memory loss.
Before gutting this thing, or going into the unknown trying to fire this puppy back up, to its glory days, IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE THAT HAS DONE THIS; or is this just a dark art nobody is talking about?
The former owner says "ran when parked, but I bought a few motorcycles like that and it can mean a bunch of tomfoolery that I have no time for... ???

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