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General Mach Discussion / Z Homing Bug?
« on: January 05, 2009, 05:07:39 PM »
On my setup I've got 3 homing switches, X, Y, Z.  After each part I run G28.1 to home each axis just in case any steps were lost.  Z, Y, and X axis slowly home, hit the switch, then back off a bit. The Z axis, though, is not always consistent on it's homing procedure.  Most times it raises until the homing switch is tripped, then backs off a bit. This is then referenced as zero.  It appears to get in some mode where it forgets to back off the switch.  I'll "reference home" and it will move until the switch is tripped and not back off the switch. This then becomes the new Z zero and the tool becomes .050 higher than originally.   X and Y axis will continue in the home routine with each one backing off their respective switches.  It is very bizarre.  I've found I can go into "homing/limits" and re-set the Home Off. number and the Z axis "backing off" will start to work again. 
I haven't been able to see a pattern on when/why this happens.  Any ideas on a fix would be helpful.  Thanks


General Mach Discussion / No Pulse Frequency!
« on: December 04, 2008, 03:50:20 PM »
I've tried looking for info on 0 Pulse Frequency in Mach, but could not find any posts.  I apologize if this is a common question. 
I've just install the latest lockdown Mach 3 R3.042.020.  I had version 1.84 working great before, but wanted to stay up-to-date with revisions.  My system is an Intel Celeron D 2.6 Ghz on a ASUS P5S800-VM motherboard with 700+ Mb ram running WinXP with service pack 3.  I've updated all the drivers and bios. 
I've got windows stripped down and had version 1.84 working great.  Upon installing R3.042.020 I can run DriverTest after running SpecialDriver and Mach takes control and shows pulses per second.  It runs the test and completes.  As a side note, if I try to run DriverTest using OriginalDriver, it does not output a pulse per second.  I've always used SpecialDriver to get Mach to run on this machine and both DriverTest and Mach used to run fine. 
Now DriverTest runs fine like I've mentioned, but when I run Mach under "Diagnostics" Pulse Frequency is 0.  If pulse frequency is 0 nothing works.  Why is pulse frequency 0?   What other settings, besides SpecialDriver,  affect pulse frequency?   Thanks.  Roger

General Mach Discussion / Z axis on/off
« on: May 26, 2006, 03:15:14 PM »
I am a new Mach3 user trying to figure out how to make this program work.  I've got my X-Y axis working on my router.  I can turn the spindle on and off.  I am running into a problem though, with the Z axis.  The Z on this new router is an air cylinder so it is either on or off, but my G-code is coming from being run on a 3 axis CNC (G0 Z.060).  How can I get Z to "turn on" when Z plunges and "turn off" when it retracts.  All Z Values in the code are either .060 deep or 0 (Reason why I can fix Z depth on this new router).  Any thoughts would be appreciated!  Roger

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