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General Mach Discussion / Newbie Needs help
« on: November 17, 2007, 02:54:12 PM »
I've recently downloaded Mach 3 for trial and I am having problems getting it to work with my driver.  Right now I am using an Intelligent Motion Systems IB106 Stepper motor driver with a Pacific Scientific PowerMax II 8 wire stepper.  When I connect the drive to the motor it just gets hot.  I'm not sure I have the motor wired right, but that's a different problem.  My question is about the pins for teh signals.  I am using pin 2 as step on the X-axis and pin 3 as direction.  What I am not understanding is how to make it work in a manul mode.  I hve no experience with CNC so I am reading ll I cn find on the subject.  There is no setup manual I can find for Mach which makes it a bit of a mystery to me.  I think I will get a different driver nd motor to try, but I wnt to mke sure I am thinking this out correctly.  ny hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. 

I did search and found some answers to other questions I had, but not to these. 

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