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General Mach Discussion / Serial port feedback from welding module. Help.
« on: January 06, 2020, 01:04:50 PM »
Hi guys.
I am running an automated fixture inside my laser cutting machine using the AXBB-E controller on the Ethernet port. I advance a metal strip through a weld stage and then the part is cut out with the laser. Occasionally the weld fails, on a bad weld the weld module has the ability to output a signal via a serial to usb cable which should make it possible to re-issue the weld command and try again rather than produce parts without the welded bit.

I think this can be achieved using modbus but I am clueless here. How can this external signal tell mach3 to repeat the last line of G code (weld command macro).

Any help please !

General Mach Discussion / Need a 7th Axis.
« on: January 12, 2015, 08:40:09 AM »
Hi guys
All 6 axes in mach will be utilised but I also need to precisely control a worm screw to advance the pin tree 1.85 mm each time into a weld stage.
After welding, a cut off disc detaches the 2mm dia pin onto the welded component and preps the next weld face ready to advance.

I tried a timer which turns off the motor supply after the set amount of millisecs, but it never repeated well enough.
I guess maybe an electromechanical brake attached to a dc motor with gearbox ? and possibly have a sensor underneath the welded part to activate the brake on contact ?

any suggestions please.

General Mach Discussion / Temperature Control via Mach3
« on: December 06, 2009, 01:20:12 PM »
Hi guys.
Has anyone managed to get Mach3 to control a heating device ?
I`m trying to design and build a simple water heating system.

Tank 1 - the liquid is heated to 70 deg Celsius and held there for an adjustable time period, around 1-2 hours.
            I`d like the 70 deg to be held within a 2 degree variation.

Tank 2 - the liquid is brought to the boil and then maintains a slow boil for around 1 hr.

I know how to use Mach to switch on relays which could turn on heater elements, or even use a stepper motor
to control an analogue rotary switch to set a specific temperature, but is there any way to get realtime sensor probes
to report back into Mach3 which in turn will switch on/off the heating elements.

thanks for any help.

General Mach Discussion / New Idea For CNC Chuck
« on: April 12, 2009, 06:07:05 PM »
I have not had a chance to test this out yet. I have requested an old chuck
from our Machine Tool Supplier so hopefully I can make the mods and prove it out
before commiting to my main chuck.

Are you sick of constantly making bungs/rings/spiders or whatever else you use
to clamp onto whilst machining your jaws in situ.
This method slides and clamps against the keys which are machined into a position
around 1mm away before the actual physical closed position.
Thereby forcing the jaws outward as if clamping against a ring ready for machining in situ.
Simply move the keys out after machining the jaws.

Hopefully the following pics will describe what I mean.
Let us know what you think. I have a few ideas to overcome any discrepencies.

Edit :
I cant get the swf file to play so please click on it and open it on your pc

General Mach Discussion / Project IceMould. Manipulating M08/M09 command ?
« on: November 21, 2007, 06:15:57 AM »
Hi everyone,
My firts post here but I have been reading and learning a great deal here for a while.
Mach3 is absolutely superb and it`s continued development is taking the software to amazing new heights,
so congrats for that.

My project is a bit unusual,
I have built a 3 axis system to control and freeze a very fine jet of filtered water in the hope of producing
3D mold cavities made of Ice. Like other rapid prototyping systems this is done by building up 2D layers.
At the moment my 0.005" nozzle orifice is giving far too much flow and this means there is too great a volume
to properly freeze on contact with an already frozen surface. So I`m still working on fixing this.

This leads me onto my call for help.
When the machine does an axis change of direction, for example imagine a simple square border, the nozzle keeps pumping for the duration of the axis change at each corner, resulting in an unwanted `blob`at that point.
I have tried the following code :  (Units are in mm)


This was slightly improved by adding nozzle On/Off commands

What I am hoping is that there is a way to manipulate the way Mach3 sends the signal.
Imagine if when Mach3 reads ahead it could control the timing of the signal. So lets say
if it sees an M9 command coming up it will activate the command a few milli-seconds sooner
than it would normally. In other words I could control the on/off flow of water during pauses
in direction change.
If anyone can fathom what I`m on about and offer any help it would be greatly appreciated.
I`m not sure if a VB script or perhaps Brains could do the job.

BTW I have Mach setup on `Exact Stop` as I`m not sure about using Constant Velocity.
CV Distance and CV Feedrate ?


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