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General Mach Discussion / Virtual Keyboard
« on: April 16, 2011, 11:05:42 PM »
Hello  ;D

I work for now on small lathe that I have installed tablet touch PC with smooth Stepper, this machine do not have hardware keyboard , only 4 push button for jogging and selector for select  rapid, feed or step
for this that work very good...

My problem is for input the number in DRO readout and the Gcode in MDI lines...  my tablet pc work on windows 7, I use for now the windows7 virtual keyboard.   when I want setup DRO I need to open keyboard before, touch the DRO, and try to input the number on a very small button in small screen...

I will like to create my own keyboard with only the 10 number and important letter (XYZAGMFSIJK).  create keyboard was easy, but How Can I create or read an event when I push DRO readout ?  when I touch DRO readout, my keyboard need to turn on...
Do you know if mach3 can call external program or macro when I touch a DRO or MDI line ??????

Repmo inc

VB and the development of wizards / Set Machine Absolute zero in vb ?
« on: December 08, 2008, 10:41:07 PM »

        I want homing my machine with the calculated position of my
 linear encoder, with my linear encoder ( Acurite ), I am able to find my position with
only 20mm mouvement(coded reference mark ), I am able with vb script to know table position ,
but I don't know how write this position in Machine Absolute Position, I want preset value in OEMDRO (83)

-I can set machine Absolute to Zero with SetABSZero(X)   but I need to Set
 numerical value
-I can set this position with G92, but the soft limit work with Absolute....
-Call SetOEMDRO(83,T)  can be good but it does'nt work

 I search function similar to SetABSZero(X) but to enter numeric value of my actual position


VB and the development of wizards / Mach3 ShutDown
« on: December 03, 2008, 08:18:16 PM »
I Use mach 3 with touch screen and the X was hard to push,

HOW CAN I SHUTDOWN mach 3 with VB buttons ??

I want same as if I push alt+f4


Mach Screens / Quit mach 3 button ?
« on: November 28, 2008, 11:45:53 PM »
I use mach 3 with touch screen and
I want add Buttons for quit mach 3, like if I push the X on the upper right corner

can I shutdown mach3 with vb command ? ???

SmoothStepper USB / PWM output for spindle
« on: November 12, 2008, 07:41:36 AM »
I run milling CNC with mach3, smooth stepper and C25 breakout board

I try to setup PWM output for my spindle on my smooth stepper board....

I was connect scope on my output #14 port 1, and I do not see pulse....
I had setup output #14 like X axis motor for testing my output and  I see good and stable pulse on my scoop, but if I setup for spindle, it do not work

I had setup port on motor output page, in spindle line, and check PWM in spindle setup, all setup seem good,
I had try to setup spindle with step/direction and It do not work, I had same problem...


SmoothStepper USB / Smooth stepper with C25 breakout board
« on: October 17, 2008, 06:53:05 PM »
Hello :)

I 'am just remplaced G100 on my milling by smooth stepper,

first :  I will like had more information about the  input/output pins,  it was automatic setup to input or output ??  how mach 3 know if it was input or output ?
can I use this input/output pis to control input/output pin I had on my G320 drive for reset/eneble pin ?

second :  I'am not sure about the use of 4 resistor I need to install on SS.... it was only for the encoder input ? can I use without this resistor ?



Mach3 and G-Rex / G-100 hard to connect to mach-3
« on: September 25, 2008, 08:13:47 PM »
it was very long to connect to G100, sometimes it connect without problem but other times, Mach 3 was not able to connect to G100

it write this in alarm on mach3

G100 found
G100 rebooting, re-initialising
please wait....  G100 init....
G100 found
G100 rebooting, re-initialising
please wait....  G100 init....

I was try to réinstall mach 3(V3.041) , ré upload firmware, I was try other ethernet cable...
help me

General Mach Discussion / Best Computer
« on: May 30, 2008, 05:47:52 PM »
I am looking to retrofit milling machine, 
I want buy new computer for this and I don't know what is the best mother board to run mach3

on my other machine, I use Asus A8NVN, with Nvidia Geforce grafic card integred... with AMD64 3500+  1gig ram dual

I will like to know if it was the best card or if you know better for mach3

tank :)

General Mach Discussion / Upgrade to Mach3 R2.56
« on: October 27, 2007, 12:04:21 PM »
Hello  :D
I was retrofit milling 2 year ago that I run with Mach2 without problem, very stable...
My machine was old cincimatic, controlled with Elotouch screen and keyboard, AMD64 3700, Asus A8VN board, Windows xp

I will like to upgrade to Mach 3, I was install Mach3 R2.56 yesterday, and I was some bug that I can't fix...

1- the post I was use on all my old programme use * for insert comment, it work very good on mach2 but in mach3, I need to use () ... can I set up Mach3 to accept *  ??

2- when I shut down Windows, if I don't close mach3 before, windows was not able to turn off mach3...

3- On my machine, I use X Y Z axis with stepper motor, and I had 4th axes, it was quill spindle without motor, with acu-rite ttl lineair scale,  that I use to manually drill or make some opération that i want work manually...  I use encoder 3 in mach for input in lpt1 , I was read out on my screen , with zero boutton...  On mach2 it's very good but on mach3, when I reset Zaxis, it add z measure to my Spindle read out before resetting... like I click the boutton "DRO to encoder"

can you help me please :P


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