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Hi all,
I'm going to create some macro code to do 2D digitizing/probing. I did 8 macros to do e.g. probing in +Y direction until trip, then retracting the probe by running a quarter circle in  of the probe in -Y+X direction and do this in a loop until a defined X distance has been probed or until the probe does not trip.
Attached my macro M817.

Problem is:
It seems, that when inside of the while-loop the oemDROs will not updated and also the check for "OverTravel" (probe does not trip in the G31-distance) will not do properly.

When the probe does not trip in the first sequence the result is as expected: linear retract by ProbeTravel.
But after one or more trips of the probe and then coming behind the edge the probe runs for the complete G31-distance, then does the circular retract, probes again ...

I'm not too familiar with VB programming, so maybe you could see the bug?

Thanks for helping!

Feature Requests / ShuttlePro plugin features
« on: April 18, 2009, 04:48:22 PM »
Hello all,
ist there any possibility to assign more then two macros (User Macro #1 and #2) to any of the ShutllePro buttons?

I think a mod of the plugin would be necessary to do so. Anybody out there who knows how to do so?

Thank you for Help!

Best regards
(from Germany)

I love Mach3 really!

VB and the development of wizards / Screen Toggle Macro
« on: June 07, 2008, 11:51:00 AM »
Hello Gents,
I'd like to make me a macro to toggle through the screens by pressing a button on my shuttle.
I could not find yet a variable or DRO indicating the currently active screen. Is there any such indicator? What code does it have?

Further I would be glad to have more then two user macros started by the Shuttle. Is there a possibility to alter the plugin?

Thank you for helping me! I'll post the finished macro here.

Best regards

Screen designer tips and tutorials / VBCodes for x-y-z-positions to modify
« on: December 08, 2007, 11:36:46 AM »
I'm going to add some buttons to a screen of mine. Task is this: I mounted a camera to the z-axis with an offset to the tool of approx 60x40mm. I want to drill PCBs. To adjust the PCB before drilling I want to make a button (calling a script) what adds the offset between cam and tool to the xy coordinates and then move the controlled point back to the (stored) coordinates. State will be remembered in a userLED. By pressing the button again the offset will be subtracted in the same way (depending of the LED state there will be add/subtract). So I can switch between Cam and Tool to align the PCB and drill the PCB.

Manually I will get this result by writing a value into the x (y, z) DRO e.g. on screen 1.
But up to now I didn't manage to do this by an VB-script:
I tried to GET/SETDRO(0), this should be the X DRO acc to wiki.
I tried the OEM DRO 184-186, this should be "X cont.Pnt.coord DRO" acc. to wiki,
I tried to get/setParam("XDRO") ...

No result, the Axis DRO was never modified.
Could anyone give me a hint how to ?
Thanks so much! You would rescue my weekend ;-)


General Mach Discussion / Limit switch / Spindle start problem
« on: October 30, 2007, 03:27:46 PM »
Hi all,

I'm facing a limit switch problem, too:
Firstly the machine works pretty well with NC linit switches at X++/X-- in series and using the X-- as Xhome, too. Same setup for all axis, despite of Zhome is = Z++. There is also an E-Stop button (NC) connected, what directly stops the axis.

The odd behavior is this: Driving an axis manually into a limit switch then the movement immediatly stops (as required). BUT: after a delay of 1...4 seconds it happens that the Spindle/Coolant output relais will be activated and the spindle starts!

The program is in e-stop mode then, I have to press the RESET-button first and then I can manualy move the axis from the limit switch (auto override is enabled) and then I can press the spindle button. This must be pressed twice to stop the spindle, as MACH recognises the respective output to be low (in Diagnostic screen or in run screen by the yellow frame of the spindle button). So first press will switch on (the already running spindle), second press will turn it of.

What I yust tested was this: Terminating the MACH3 program and then press a limit switch by hand. Ooops, this also activated the spindle output, without Mach involved!

Any idea how I can corner this bug? Who/what controls the printer port beside of Mach or when Mach has been terminated?

(ok, I should involve the output relais into the hard-wired E-stop loop, but that's an other issue, I know)

Thanks for support!


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