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Hi everyone who cares. I tried to search archives on here but I'm really lost with all the abbreviations and "words of the trade" I read here.

Let's make it simple, I want to install a limit switch on the Z axis my 5' X 10' 3 axis cnc router + a touch plate also for Z axis. I run a 2 year old version of Mach3 and I can send pictures of my system to help you help me. If a system that I just add to my controller exists, I'll buy it. If I have to build it, I will... I'm not worried about installing the sensors or switches to my router ,  The help I need is with the software and electronics. What to use, and where to plug it... I've owned my router for 3 years and have learned to run it quite fast. I guess I can learn the more technical part also.

My router was built by CNC Maniac here in Quebec to my needs ( vertical 5 X 10  for space saving ) and works great. It's just that lately I've been working  in 3D with thick materials, loss of steps made the tools plunge right in through the bed a few times, since I'm investing in an aluminum bed, I do not want this to occur again. I'd prefer the work to stop instead of ripping through the actual reinforced  Plywood. Last time it went in all the way through + .5", 2 feet across, luckily without hitting any reinforcement steel tubes...

I'm a signcraft er in Quebec Canada ( http://www.woodandpassionsigns.com ) and have been in RC helis and planes so I'm used to the setting up of things, just do not have much time to browse around. Like I mentioned, I'm ready to pay for ready-built systems that I would only need to install and setup.

Daniel Gervais

General Mach Discussion / 0 return not precise.
« on: June 25, 2008, 02:55:13 PM »
Hi, I've tried to find a solution to this problem on the forum but no luck so far.
This is the first time I work on a part that is 123 inches long. My tool will not come back to 0 origin when it travels all the way to the right of the 0 (Center of workpiece) . When it goes the whole 62.5 inches to the left, it comes back to 0. When it travels the same distance to the right, it comes back about 1/4 inch to the left of 0. does Mach3 have limitations on X and Y travel ?, I checked and cleaned all rollers and rails, usually, i don't detect any lost steps, lost steps are easily heard and felt.
The problem occurs both manually or g-code driven.

Daniel G.

HI guys, I'm new at cnc . I'm a sign craft er and often nesting 2 or more projects in one sheet. I would like to know if it is possible to change the  value of the Z-axis for a portion of the toolpath in progress without stopping the machine(when v grooves need be deeper because of varying letters sizes). Sometimes some portion of lettering are to shallow (Barely touching surface) because of the variance of the sheets.

might seem like a dumb question but sometimes I'd like to just press the page down button and give or take a few thousands of an inch, Of course, it's not like I'm  machining parts for NASA or anything ...

Thanks for your help !

General Mach Discussion / Z issue , reoccuring.
« on: October 16, 2007, 01:43:33 AM »
 Hi everyone, Her is an image of what I find once in a while when I open the shop door !

See how my Z axis went berzerkĀ  on letters "ns" and so on through the rest of the "oasis" word. I did many tests tonight and can't figure it out. All my tests revealed a precision of .002" on the z axis. Set screws are tight. Speeds: xy : 30 ipm, z plunge : 10ipms wich I feel are quite slow but they keep the grooves clean in tight radiuses. The gcode was generated with V-carve, the draw was done with Corel draw 12, impored to .ai 5.
any help welcome !

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