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General Mach Discussion / machine conversion starting all over,
« on: May 17, 2006, 01:09:00 PM »
 ???I am stil trying to use mach3 in my t20 thinkpad 700mhz.pentium3 it works or looks like it works fine,I have not been able to get communication to the mills bandit control.can anybody point me in the right direction?.I would like to keep the same servos and drivers but I don't know where to put computer signals in to make servos move.I don't know anything about the servos(brand or specs,only that they worked fine before the control stopped working(I burned a 21408404c regulator board from the bandit,if I could get another one could be back in business for a little longer).
I want to eventually change everything to parts that I knowI can find replacements for.
As I was saying need to be able to get computer signal to servo drivers .do I need a board in between the servo driver and the computer?if I have mach 3?l

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