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Hi guys, I'm having issues with  the A axis servo which is slaved to the X servo. After starting up both themachine and Mach3 everything works fine and all movements back and forth behave as intended, either through keyboard, joystick or pendant, but after pressing the stop button there is absolutely no movement of the slaved axis A. I have encoders on all 4 servos and was wondering if someone on the forum has ever encountered this sorth of problem. I currently have Mach3 version .43 installed so I don't know if an upgrade of the software rectifies the problem. I haven't updated yet for the reason that I am happy how it's working exept for this problem.
Any recommendations please?
Thanks Marten

General Mach Discussion / Jogging axis with Joypad
« on: August 26, 2018, 09:21:15 AM »
Hi Guys,
Is there anyone who's having / had problems with jogging his cnc with a joypad, having a UC300ETH-5LPT ethernet motion controller and running on Mach3?

I'm currently setting up my new build and have been strugling to get my axis moving with a joypad but to no avail. I already have ShuttleRU STM32 pendant installed but prefer to jog the CNC with a joypad for the simple reason that it is much more convenient.

I have tried several ways to get this working, including a fresh system setup to switch from win7 64 bit to 32 bit and niether this was not successful. I then started mach 3 without being connected to the CNC (UC300ETH-5LPT disconnected) and could be able to move the axis with the joypad. As soon as I reconnect the LAN cable, switch on the cnc and restart the system, the joypad is becames non functional again.

I'm not sure if there is some sort of impediment by the motion controller to inhibt the joypad from functioning.

My current setup is made as follows:
Cnc software: Mach3
CNC Driver: UC300ETH-5LPT ethernet motion controller, DG4S-08020 servo drive
Jogging : ShuttleRU STM32 pendant (currently functional) / USB Joypad (most prefered to use but not functional - for more details here http://gmb.nl/item.aspx?id=8763 ).
Operating system: win7
Thanks for your time.

Hi folks, I'm in the second CNC build and about to start setting my servos from kelling inc type KL34-180-90 which runs at 3200rpm (off load) and would like to utilise it's full potential to achieve max travel speed. According to calculation these should result in16 meters per min (or 266mm /sec). I know that this will be reduced with the load of the gantry weight and friction, but would be happy if I get close to 200mm/sec.
My question is how could I reach my goal as preliminary tests / settings on Mach3 are showing that this is far away from this target. I have also experienced this too with my first build 10 years ago, but way that time I was happy with the results even though the servos run at 6000rpm! Any suggestions On how to go about this?

General Mach Discussion / Holes resulting with ovality
« on: December 26, 2015, 05:04:00 AM »
Hi Guys, I been experiencing some problems lately with "deformed" cutting paths and have replaced one of the encoders, as I thought it might have got dirty or something. Now I have made a trial run by cutting 9 holes on a matrix of 3 x 3 and diameter of 15 mm but am not happy with the results. Following measurements, an ovality it resulting, measuring at one position I get 14.78mm and 15.21mm in perpendicular position. Could it be that I need to lower the motor speed in the "motor tuning ans setup" dialog or maybe recalibrating the ball screws?
Has anyone ever came across such a situation, any advise?

Hi everyone, I'm considering to build a second CNC router and just wanted to know if anyone has any comments and or experience to share with CNCdrive.com servo drivers before I start buying anything. In my first build I used Rutex which I found very reliable but ever since they closed down (or at least that is my impession) I considering CNCdrive which also look sturdy. Your comments pleaase.

General Mach Discussion / Not getting the desired cutting speed
« on: January 18, 2011, 05:16:11 PM »
Hi to all,
I have built my own cnc router about 3 years ago, as most of you guys did on this forum and have a small setback that
has been bothering me for a while, so I was wondering if anyone on the forum has ever come across this one. My cnc
router runs perfectly fine in all aspects when running at a cutting speed below 28mm/sec. As soon as I take it up to
say 50 or 60mm/sec, my cutting path gets messed up.
My current configuration / setup is as follows:
1 - PC Pentium4 core II 2
2 - Servo drivers from Rutex R990 type
3 - running software Mach3 at max clock speed on OS WinXP
4 - encoders on servos 500ppr
5 - cnc structure mild steel
6 - driver motors - servos rated at 6000rpm at 60V and supply voltage 58V DC (As seen here
http://www.servosystems.com/electrocraft_dcbrush_rdm103.htm )
7 - gantry driven by belt and pulley at a step down ratio of 4:1
8 - Using ball screws 10 travel per rev and gantry sliding on brass bushings
9 - working area 750mm x 550mm x 250mm

Now the problem is that when running at "higher cutting speed" the cutting path seems to initially loose orientation
but then comes back to the right path as can be seen in the attached photos showing "V" gap between cutting path. According to my calculations I should
be running at least 200mm/sec.

I have thought the following but could not figure out what could be wrong:
1- There doesn't seem to be any lagging between the gantry and the signal from the driver cards cause the gantry
starts going back a short distance clearly indicating it's way out of line.
2- I have tried a higher encoder resolution - no improvement
3- running mach3 at a lower clock speed - no improvement
4- checked servo actual running voltage - OK
5- Changed servo bearing the whole gantry movement to a more powerful one (type
http://www.kelinginc.net/KL34-170-90.pdf ) but running at voltage of 58V DC.

That's as far I have gone but to no avail and the only against me is the weight of the gantry which is about 20Kg
but nothing the motors cant handle.

Any comments please.

Hi to all,
I've been setting up Mach3 and have been getting this message "Abnormal Condition - Axis are not refered to normal condition". I have been reading similar posts on this forum but none seems to give an approximation of what could trigger this warning. I have had this warning recently for no reason at all as I do not recall modifying any parameters related to axis. I can easily dismiss this warning as normal (as proposed on other posts) however one cannot keep dismissing unexplained warnings that show up, otherwise the sense of drawing the attention is lost whenever something goes wrong. Can anyone give me an idea of what could have triggered this particular warning or is it related to? And what does "Axis are not refered to normal condition" means exactly? Hope I'm not the only one out here!!
Marten Grima

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