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I need to make my machine work with something similar to MPG mode, continuously and respecting the values ​​of the G code... I don't know if with a macro, configurations or brains... I'm a bit lost at the moment and I need some help to to clarify a bit... I thought about placing a sensor in the machine so that every time the input1 signal is activated, the machine will be placed in a waiting state until the tool stops shrouding and continue with the advance cycle of the axes but the response time of feedhold is very slow... I also tried to create macros but it wouldn't work. Maybe you are doing something wrong with the VBScript editors.

I would appreciate any help
Kind regards,

Brains Development / Execution M00 for Brains
« on: May 06, 2023, 10:49:47 AM »
Hello everyone! I am in a project with a CNC Mortiser and I am trying to experiment with brains and macros to be able to make a sensor activate input1 when the tool is working so that the Y and A axes stay in standby mode, until the sensor turns off. deactivate and resume their work without losing position. I tried with a brain configuring the input and placing FeedHold, but it takes about a second to slow down its progress, I need something similar to M00 and that respects the acceleration ramps to obtain a better response based on the machining of the machine. I also tried "Stop all actions" or "EStop" but being so abrupt its stop ended up losing positioning in my axes.

I would appreciate a soul wanting to give me a hand to continue with the project, soon I will add photos and videos to show you the final results. Thank you all very much in advance and have a good day!

Best regards, Fred.

General Mach Discussion / Ayuda! Necesito saber como solucionar mi problema
« on: November 01, 2022, 09:55:14 AM »
Tengo un EJE (A) paralelo al EJE Z que trabaja con otras herramientas ademas del EJE X. Esto es para mi torno TOS Checoeslovaco. Trabajo con MACH3 y necesito que me den una mano

I have an AXIS (A) parallel to the Z AXIS that works with other tools besides the X AXIS. This is for my Czechoslovakian TOS lathe. I work with MACH3 and I need you to give me a hand

Spanish / Seteo de herramientas en EJE A
« on: November 01, 2022, 09:47:15 AM »
Chicos, necesito ayuda...
Estoy armando un torno CNC y necesito poder habilitar el EJE A para configurarlo como una segunda linea de trabajo. Quiero poder configurar las herramientas para este EJE que va trabajar paralelo al eje Z

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