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PoKeys / Mach 4 - Pokeys57cnc - Plasma Sense Config
« on: August 09, 2022, 07:28:43 PM »
I can use little help here.
I'm struggling trying to get the proper configuration to make my system to work for PLASMA cutting. I'm using a Pokeys57cnc with Mach 4 and PoLabs Plasma Sense THC for that purpose. Following the "Mach 4 Plasma Configuration Guide" seems to me that there are no details on how to configure the Plasma Sense to use 0-10V input, they only mention HV, which I assume is for High Voltage or Raw Voltage directly form the Plasma Generator.
For the Plasma Configuration, I've used the Full Register Path as it comes from the "Register Diagnostic" without changing anything, so I will get something lik this: "PoKeys_41031/PlasmaSense HV", I've also use "iRegs0/nf/thc/ThcActualVoltage" from iRegs0-nf-thc instead. In either case I sometimes 'm able to cut a line after several attempts clearing multiple alarm messages or just piercing the material and stop. So, I think part of my problem is that I don't have mapped the "THC input" correctly, but since my THC is connected to the PoExtension2 Bus on the Pokeys57cnc board there is no way for me to physically track what pin is connected to for me to enable it, I've used pins 41 and 42 but no change, I'm enabled the THC with no pin assigned to but no change. I've also configured the Pokeys57cnc Input Sensor to 0-10V assuming this is what it should work but no change, so I changed this back to HV as it was.
So just to make my long story short, I would like to know if anybody is using a similar configuration to share a hint on whether I should configure THC Input in a very specific way or if my only way out will be to cut a hole on my Powermax 65 to get the raw high voltage out from it and connect it to the Plasma Sense device.
I've been changing several setting all over and the most frustrating thing is that sometimes it works (partially) and sometimes it doesn't.
Any help is welcome.

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