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General Mach Discussion / Help / tips generating 5 axis toolpaths for Mach3
« on: November 05, 2005, 08:23:11 AM »
Hello all.

I need some help / tips with this issue:

I'm trying to get Mach3 to use 5 axis toolpaths generated with MasterCAM X.
The toolpath I'm using is an example located on the CD so it should work OK. It "BACKPLOTS" all right in MasterCAM, I can see the tool working in B/C axis and everything is sunshine...

BUT... When opening the G-code in Mach3 I can only see that the X,Y,Z and A axis is getting data??
I was expecting the B/C axis to do something, but they don't! What the heck am I doing wrong hereĀ  ???
Quite possible I have missed something in the Mach3 setup procedure. Any tips would be MUCH appreciated!

I am using "ROUTER 5-AXIS HEAD-HEAD" in MasterCAM and that should match the machine I'm building at the moment (6 axis gantry router with a plasma cuter mounted on the tilt / swivel toolhead at 180 deg to the spindle.
As for now I'm only simulating my work to learn MasterCAM / Mach3.

Kind regards
Marc in NORWAY

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