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General Mach Discussion / mach3 setup for newbie
« on: September 27, 2007, 09:30:12 PM »
just completed 3-axis mill machine, using xylotex drives - all working o.k using limit/home switches (3 inputs only) on all axis. When using ref home command
all goes to home as per expected - upper left. When moving off axis I have to put "G0 X-1" etc (nagative numbers). O.K with that if I go 'G0 X-10 Y-10" and then
use work offset set to -10 -10 I can then use 'G0 X+1'. When using WRITE plugin the text is reversed (well as if routied on underside of board) even though
screen shows text in correct format/direction as job is run - confused as to what is going on?  Sorry if I am redundant question.   :-\ thanks

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