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General Mach Discussion / Motor Lock Up with New G201's
« on: November 01, 2008, 01:47:43 PM »
I am having trouble running my CNC router.  I recently replaced the existing Prodrive 2000 motor drivers with new G201's. I understood that they are pretty much interchangeable save the disable feature on the G201 pin 7 needing a ground.  The connections were simple since the G201 and Prodrives use the same terminal connectors all I had to do is pull off the connector and install it on the new drive (no wiring issues).  The prodrives use the same current set resistor values as the G201 and the power supply output reads 48 volts as expected.  Both drives are 10 microstep stepper drives so I think that the Mach 2 settings for the motor tuning should be the same.
However, now when I try to JOG, I see movement in the DRO but the motors do not move.  When the motor drives are off the motors can be turned by hand but when I turn the system on they are locked up tight so my guess is that the drives are working.  I think that my Mach 2 setup is good since it used to work with the Prodrives but now the motors just lock up.

Any idea on how to get this working?


« on: April 23, 2006, 11:50:53 PM »
I am using the Low Cost CNC 4 axis stepper system from the guys in Australia to run a CNC router and I am having trouble sorting out an issue with my motor calibration in Mach 2.  Or at least I think it's a calibration issue. It seams that my stepper motors sometime (unpredictably) lock up when a rapid movement command is initiated.  It will run fine for long periods but then all of a sudden a motor freezes and makes awful sounds.  I have had it happen individually on all three axis on separate occasions. Can anyone provide suggestions or offer advice on how to trouble shoot this?


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